5 Super Simple Blog Revisions You Need to Make in 2020

The blogging community is full of technical lingo and complicated SEO tips. We’ve had some hefty Google updates in the past few months, and we want to offer some really easy ways to stay on top of the game. You can make these changes TODAY, so let’s get started.

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  1. This video seems to have a lower sound volume than most of your others. I could still hear it but it is easier to turn down the volume than to need it quiet in the house to hear you.

  2. I have just a wee bit of feedback for the embedded videos tip.

    What do you do when a content creator on YouTube decides to disallow the embedding of their videos on other sites? How can you tell that's been done to one of your pages without manually visiting it to check?

    I used to do that years ago only to find many of them eventually showing a black screen instead of a video with white letters saying "this content has been restricted by the author" or some similar text.

    Anyone have any thoughts about how to manage that situation?

  3. Great advice Ricky. I'm off to embed some relevant youtube videos into my blog posts. Ive just started my blog using yours and Jim's advice and your Acobado theme. Loving the whole blogging process so far.

  4. How accurate is Google Search Console? This is perhaps a non related question but did not know where to ask it. My web site about 'vegetable fruit juice' just started to rank. It ranked 200 on Google Search Console telling me it ranked for query 'best bottle warmer for breast milk'. On no post is there any reference or link to 'bottle warmer for breast milk!' Thanks for the great information you guys post.

  5. Does it matter where we directly answer the question/snippet? Should you be answering it in the first paragraph or deep inside the post. Does it matter and should that be bolded?

  6. I had some snippet wins (position 0), but then I added table of content (toc) to improve experience for my users and all my snippet wins are gone :'( Now google matches the first match, which is in the toc, which is a disaster :'( Any suggestions please? I'm using Table of Content element from Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg

  7. Good stuff. You mentioned YouTube videos and keeping viewers on your site. What works best when selecting a video, "open a new window" (Configuration) or stay on current site?

  8. Does anyone know if having an opt in form on my blog post will negatively affect SEO? Other option would be link to a separate page with the opt in form and "no index" that page. Can't seem to find a definitive answer on that.

  9. I've been doing niche research for a couple weeks now. And nothing really popped out. I was going in circles. Your videos usually play in the background and I kept hearing you guys only using google trends and google search for your only research tools. Well today I did that; diving deeper I have found many long tail KWs in a niche I was struggling to find with the tools I have been using. Thanks you guys. It's been the most valuable thing Ive gotten so far.

  10. I would love to see you guys getting microphone or something so that your videos can have bigger sound. Sometimes I prefer listening to what you guys say while I am doing some other household chores and the small sound makes is hard to hear.

  11. My traffic has gone down since the update. But I feel like if your snippit answers the question and people leave the search enlightened… you did your job even if they don't follow thought to the page. Quality content always wins in the long game!

  12. How do you attack writing articles with low KD but high SV from competing sites with a high Domain Rating but that lack quality content (i.e. ranks #1 for "how to…" with a 500 word terrible post). Especially as a new website with low or no Domain Rating.

  13. Lol, great intro guys. The point about blocks of text looking huge on a phone, even when it might just be a short paragraph on a desktop is a great point. Congratulations Ricky on the new little baby in your family. ❤️😁

  14. Congrats Ricky and welcome little Levi. I have an EAT question. I have an About (Partners ) page where I list my credentials but I also do an author bio on blogs since the blogs reach so many more people. My question is should my author bio on the individual blogs have my credentials (or acronyms)?

  15. Ricky, first, congratulations to you and your wife, on your new baby Levi. Second, should we be using the blog that comes as part of our website hosting package, as our blog, or use a different host for our blog? Great vidoes, the best to you and the team throughout the 2020 new year. Appreciative beginner. Happy Creating!

  16. Hi Ricky,
    I just have one doubt. Is it legal to embed video of another creator? I read somewhere that it depends on the country and some are illegal. Is that true? By the way, nice video as usual and congrats on the new baby boy.

  17. It's so intimidating to create a blog, especially for people that don't normally write. But with the right mindset and valuable advice like this, I feel confident that this is the year I'm going to start my website.

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