Binance Limit Order Tutorial (Limit, Stop Limit & Stop Loss)

Binance limit order tutorial and stop limit order – how to use them
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0:00 Binance limit order tutorial
2:45 Binance market vs limit order
4:40 Post only
5:53 Binance stop limit order

Apex DeX:

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  1. sorry, I'm a bit stupid, so if I want to buy at a price lower than the current price, or want to sell at a price higher than the current price, can I just use a limit order? and especially for stop loss, I will use stop limit, will I be safe?

  2. What about the opposite of a stop order? creating an “insurance” order for future prices …to only sell if the price reaches a higher price? ….and can thus be done months in advance?

  3. Excellent video, thank you.
    I got a question, is It possible to put a limit order under the price so I can assure the money I have done?
    For example, BTC is 10.000 $ right now, and i bought It in 9.000 $, so i have done 1.000 $, but i would like to put a limit in 9.900 so if the price takes the 9.900 It will sell automatically.
    Is It that possible? Like a Stopp Limit in trades or stocks.
    Thank you and keep going

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