Adding 85 Affiliate Links to My Top Posts – What Happened?!

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What happens when you add 85 affiliate links to your top 9 blog posts? Well, we decided to put it to the test and what happened surprised us!

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  1. Am I looking at the wrong site? I searched for that site on SEMrush and ahrefs. Not what I expected to see from you guys, I might have missed a valid explanation video of what happened in 2022? Also, an updated article will nearly always see a decline for up-to 30 days after altering. Extremely common, as soon as that timestamp is altered, traffic declines. No matter if you add links or not, it's well documented and I have a massive database of change history to declines logged to support this. So seeing a decline isn't because you added links.

  2. My blog is about a year old and I'm roughly getting 15-20 traffic per day. I am wondering when I should expect to hit enough traffic like 30k to 100k a month?

    I'm following Income School since 2015. But I'm kinda losing patients. Can you guys help me? I want to quit my job.

  3. This is a question for your live today:

    I am getting crazy low epmv from Ezoic. Sometime it touches down to $2 per 1000 pv. Are there some best practices to increase the ezoic epmv. Most of the traffic are from the USA.

  4. Well..I just wanted to share my thoughts on your websites. I think the content is really valuable and your advice is spot on. However, I feel like the design could use a little sprucing up. It's not quite as polished or professional-looking as I think it could be. Just a thought!

  5. Question for your live, two questions actually but they relate. Have you seen any evidence of a recovery from HCU by sites that lost more than 50% of their traffic? How would you go about making a recovery? Understand you might not wanna talk about HCU anymore but it's still a very big and live issue for so many people who have seen their sites tank. Please don't take this as a dig at income school, it's not, HCU has nothing to do with you I'm just curious to know what you would do or have actually done to recover sites because I've tried so many things on my site and it hasn't moved the needle, so I'm totally out of ideas now.

  6. I wonder if Google ranks different types of links differently … for example, recipe ingredient links to Amazon, which is inherently helpful for tthe user vs. "hey look at my favorite computer" links to Amazon, which tends to be more of a sales pitch.

  7. Income School should step up and make new videos trying what may be working for these bad google updates so IS customers can feel good about keeping paying the annual fee. Also videos are easy to listen to while commuting etc unlike searching through forums

  8. I rarely ever comment, but my readers click and purchase products from my Amazon affiliate links but I didn't get one cent of commsion. I'm assuming it might be the cookie window? But how can I fix this? Thank you 😀

  9. This is one of my favorite videos you’ve put out in a while! Original research! Please test an article that’s ranking well, write a new incredibly similar article and see if you can get them to both rank in the same SERP. I’ve noticed that you’re no longer limited to 1 result per search if that makes sense…

  10. I salute your boldness in trying this experiment out, but I've been too badly burned by recent updates and have gone back to the old approach of linking back to resource pages and removing almost all affiliate links from the content. I was trying to link only contextually and when helpful, but I still saw my AA income dribble literally to virtually zero the last 12-15 months (when it was 50-100 per month before), like Google was specifically targeting and de-ranking the content that had those links in.

    It is better for conversions if you can have just 1 click to get the user to Amazon rather than 2 or 3. And it's better for the user as well sometimes to have a link right there. But Google is making a lot of us kinda paranoid with these crazy updates and we don't know for sure what's causing drops, but we're trying to address all the things it COULD be (even if it turns out not to be). I think the concentration of aff links falls into this category, but I'm playing it super safe for now.

  11. Well, Hon, I actually grew up with turkey on Christmas, but I prefer ham, so that's what I've always advocated for as an adult and as long as we've been married. Your smoked turkey might just sway my opinion, though. It is so good! Just keep using those disposable pans. 😉

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