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Keyword research tools are usually one of the most expensive tools that content creators pay for… and that they don’t actually need. Unless you have a specific use case for these tools that’s not keyword research, you’re probably paying for something that the tools in this video can do for you for FREE.

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  1. I really like free stuff! Especially when it's as good as or better than an expensive alternative. But sometimes the expensive option really is worth the cost. So if you're using a paid keyword research tool, I'd love to hear why. What features do you find are worth the price?

  2. Ricky im new to seo and ive been watching everyones Ai videos and in the end find myself confused, but how beautifully you have explained everything is pure gold, i really appreciate the real value.

    Ricky can you please make the part 2 about google search console to look for high volume keyword/content ideas.
    Subscribed right away! πŸ‘πŸ»

  3. 🎯 Key Takeaways for quick navigation:

    00:00 πŸ—οΈ Introduction to Free Keyword Research Tools
    – Introduction to the concept of free keyword research tools.
    – Emphasis on the belief that free tools are the best for keyword research.
    – Acknowledges the potential value of paid tools but hints at potential overpayment.
    01:53 πŸ•΅οΈ Google Search Console as a Keyword Research Tool
    – Explanation of Google Search Console as the most accurate keyword research tool.
    – Demonstrates using the Performance Report to analyze web clicks and impressions.
    – Emphasis on identifying opportunities through high impressions and low clicks.
    04:00 🎯 Leveraging Search Queries for Content Clusters
    – Using search queries to identify content opportunities.
    – Importance of creating supplemental content related to existing queries.
    – Building topical authority through content clusters.
    05:22 πŸ› οΈ Introduction to Harpa as an AI Tool
    – Introduction to Harpa as a free Chrome extension for AI analysis.
    – Demonstrates how Harpa integrates with AI models for web page analysis.
    – Emphasizes the value of Harpa in understanding web content.
    06:57 πŸ”„ Using Harpa for Efficient Content Analysis
    – Demonstrates using Harpa for analyzing top queries on a page.
    – Shows how AI grouping can streamline analysis.
    – Recommends specific prompts for efficient use of Harpa.
    09:19 πŸš€ Extending Keyword Research to New Websites
    – Addressing the challenge of keyword research for new websites.
    – Using ChatGPT to brainstorm top-level categories for a new website.
    – Emphasis on human involvement in content creation.
    13:21 πŸ” Getting Specific Search Queries from ChatGPT
    – Requesting specific search queries for planning a corporate event.
    – ChatGPT generating a list of search queries for potential articles.
    – Discussing the limitations of search volume numbers from keyword research tools.
    15:23 πŸ”„ Continuous Keyword Research without Paid Tools
    – Advocating against spending money on keyword research tools.
    – Encouraging the use of free methods, including Google Search Console.
    – Suggesting a cyclical approach to expanding content clusters for ongoing research.

    Made with HARPA AI

  4. I am from India and I have been thinking to join project 24, but I see a lot of comments pointing that the blogging scene is dead. Many people in comment section and even on reddit saying that income school along with project 24 members have lost 90% of the traffic
    Now I am seriously so confused to join project 24.
    I want to join project 24 because I want a step to step guide for blogging but reading these comments about Google updates crushing even the income school websites, I am unsure of it now. Please someone let me know the real deal.

  5. That was a great tutorial, but there's 1 issue.
    You showed that you're using the Free version of ChatGPT and that means that you're getting Data and Answers from it based on Old data because only with the Paid version, you'll get Current Data from the Internet.
    Do you have a way around that?

  6. I must be missing something, I type that prompt into hapra and get back "I don't have the capability to access real-time data about specific queries, impressions, or clicks on this page or any other platform"

  7. I swear I have made this strategy of Google Search Console, that I will write my articles for a month and then see the good-performing articles in GSC and then will write the articles related to them. And I was wondering if this will work or not. But your video was a stamp on my thought and for that reason, THANK YOU SO MUCH. As always you are the best Guru.πŸ₯°

  8. Awesome tips, I just tried that search console technique and it quickly helped me identify queries that I lost ranking/traffic for in the fall updates (comparing 12 mo vs 3 mo).

  9. Thank you for sharing such great resources! I love that I don't need to sign up for expensive keyword research tools (I mean 'search query' toolsπŸ˜‰) to find great blog article ideas. One of the many reasons I love Income School!

  10. I was introuble in getting topics and keywords, after this video I got all the answers in a sequence.

    I have subscribed only and only INCOME SCHOOL for blogging.


    Thank you Bros πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  11. Thanks for pointing me to free tools!… I am going to lock down my website production, as most of the traffic has gone. I am planning to make YouTube search-based content and only write related articles so I can package it all together and possibly send EEAT signals. Crossing my fingers or this has all been a waste of time!

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