What's New and Coming for Content Creators in 2024? Your questions answered Live!

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In this YouTube live I’ll be taking lots of questions that you’ve asked in the comments on our other videos, plus questions from the live chat all about blogging and content creation.

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0:00 – Thank you!
0:24 – What can I do about content theft?
3:15 – How do you build enough links? What’s the cost?
5:30 – Ezoic EPMV getting low, how to improve it?
8:46 – How should blog owners prepare for Google SGE?
13:02 – Do Web Stories drive blog traffic?
13:30 – I have some content. What now?
15:52 – Are everyone’s views dropping hard since December? Seasonality
16:28 – Does blogging and affiliate marketing still make sense?
19:27 – Do 0 search volume keywords actually get traffic?
21:35 – Does writing about local topics impact global SEO?
23:00 – Blogging is dead for sure!
23:48 – Cani start a second topic on my site after 40 articles?
25:05 – Writing about 0 search volume keywords to be exhaustive
26:45 – If you leave your blog alone will you lose your traffic?
29:58 – How is the Raptive keyword tool?
30:58 – What is Google SGE?
33:36 – Can you start a site, leave it for overa year, and still rank content later?
35:11 – My site tanked after HCU, how do I figure out what happened?
41:09 – Do rewritten posts need to have redirects or can you edit the old post?
43:34 – Do you need 8 months for a post to rank?
44:06 – How did Casey Boticello get so much traffic so fast?
47:44 – How do I get US traffic if I’m from a foreign country?
50:28 – What do I do if my site is being targeted by a bot?
50:59 – The Circle upgrade is terrific!
51:26 – What is Income School working on right now?

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  1. Hey everyone. Thanks for joining this live! I’m going to try to respond to some of the other questions I got in another video soon.

    Feel free to drop more questions in the comments!

  2. Hi Ricky, I bought your ACABADO THEME 3 months ago and when I checked yesterday it says it expired already yet I bought a one year subscription. Only for the theme. I tried to reach your support but no one is replying. I'm supposed to be inserting Google Analytics tracker. I might request a refund if this is not fixed.

  3. Great video. Really informative. I'm gutted I missed it live. As you're doing a follow up, I have a question.

    I have a new UK blog in a specialist niche. In the future, I hope to do dublicate US and AUS versions of the website within itself. Some of the content may be the same, but there'll be a lot of differences in terms of terminology, regulations, and practices, etc.

    Do you think this could harm the site, it terms of SEO, or could it help?

  4. Great video. To protect your content, consider using Google's DMCA takedown service when you find your content repurposed without permission. It's a more proactive approach than just monitoring for theft.

  5. Weirdest thing happened a month ago, I started a website about pans, pots, skillets, airfryers etc that don't have Teflon or PFAS. This falls into the health section, I guess, but is very current.

    I wrote 12 articles like "best air fryers without PFAS" and I got traffic in 2 weeks.

    My first affiliate income came 15 days after launch and has been going steady ever since. It's only $5 a day but it's incredibly fast.

    No linkbuilding, new domain, sloppy theme, written with the help(!) of AI and it just got picked up by google for some reason.

    How did that happen?

  6. "People charging 10, 20k for a website I can do in a day". I'm sorry, I couldn't disagree more. This may be the case for a vast majority of web developers, but my agency would never let something leave our hands that doesn't blow anything out of the water and is stacked with everything you could ever imagine considered. You could have phrased that a little better 😛

  7. Hi, I have a fairly new blog, published 17 posts so far. One of my image is being probably used in a spam. I successfully got 12 backlinks in semrush, and when I checked all this websites ranging from gas station to utensils have a common url pattern after their domain name, and linking a image from my blog. I renamed the image, but they are still linking and increaseing ever several day. Semrush is saying it is affecting my domain authority, and mark my link network as suspicious because of this. What should I do. I write in low kd low traffic areas. So about 5-6 some of my posts rank very high on Google and I get about 600-700 page views a month. Should I start the site from another domain from scratch?

  8. With a 20-year history of dealing with content theft / infringement, here's a quick tip to follow up on what you said:

    See if they have advertiser relationships. If so, report them there before requesting takedown with the host (their site needs to be live for ad networks to see). If they're using an ad network, they're almost certainly violating the TOS placing ads on infringing content. Not only can you have ads removed from this site, but they'll often get their entire ad network account suspended, meaning you can hit their income on any site where they use them. This works extremely well, and you can do similar if they're using your stolen content to promote affiliate programs or pull in private advertisers. Advertisers don't take kindly to being associated with theft.

    And good news! You can go after AI-altered versions. Unauthorized derivatives are still infringement. I've had some taken down already, even using ChatGPT to help run the comparisons and compile the reports for hundreds of stolen and "spun" posts. This is easiest if the entire site is filled with your content (just have AI tools compare their sitemap URLs to your own post slugs and titles), then format it however you want for your report. I have my process down to about 10 minutes now for your basic wholesale theft, and it feels nice using their own tools against them. I'd go so far as to say I'm grateful to the most recent couple for helping me semi-automate my process. 😊

  9. Bummer I missed the live. Just wanted to say thank you. I joined your membership over the weekend, but I was not able to see the courses after the transition to the new site. I was able to get in touch over FB later last night with your team and Carissa got me going. Thank you for such a quick response. 🙂

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