Direct Linking Vs. Landing Page – What Converts Better? (2 Reasons)

What performs better? Direct linking or using a landing page?

Learn the 2 reasons why one performs better than the other in this video.

Table of contents:

0:00 – Introduction
1:59 – Principle #1
3:29 – Principle #2

I have promoted hundreds of offers both via direct linking and using a landing page, and I can tell you with complete confidence that using a landing page always outperformed direct linking.

And the reason for that can be explained via the 2 psychological principles.

Not sure how to create a landing page?

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Let’s quickly go over them here to figure out what does better – direct linking or a landing page.

Principle #1: Commitment

Learn more about this principle here:

πŸ‘‰ Commitment principle:

This basically says that when people do something, like clicking on a button, they are telling themselves that they “like” that which they clicked for – otherwise, why would they have clicked?

There is something called cognitive dissonance, which basically says that people want to stay consistent with themselves and do what they believe in.

So if they say that they like dogs, they won’t go out hurting them.

If they say they hate swimming, they will avoid it.

Psychologically this feels good because people are doing what they believe in.

Applied to marketing, this is seen the same way.

If someone clicks on a button on your landing page, they are telling themselves that they like the thing they clicked for, thus being more likely to convert.

If you’re direct linking, you aren’t giving people an option to “click” and “test” their interest – you are throwing them straight at the affiliate offer prompting them to buy, and they might not be ready yet.

This principle can help you move a customer that tiny little needle thread needed to get them to convert.

But let’s look at the 2nd principle in this direct linking vs. landing page question.

Principle #2: Framing

You can learn more about this effect here:

πŸ‘‰ Framing effect:

This basically means “preparing” people for something, ie. telling them what to expect.

If you’re direct linking, you have no room to do this.

Take a look at the Resurge product for example.

If you direct link to this page, you’re sending people straight to a page with a huge video with no headline, no description, no information what it’s about.

If the person refreshes the page, they’ll also see giant buttons saying “BUY NOW” without even knowing what it is they’re buying… unless they watch the full video.

So using a landing page in this case would allow you to prepare the customer for what to expect – a sales page with a huge video teaching them something they need to know.

You might have learned about these principles before and thought that they were just based off of theory – something people say, but that doesn’t actually apply in real life.

Well, I’m here to tell you otherwise – that these principles DO apply to the real world and you can witness it first-hand when creating your own landing page and seeing the results.

And that is why a landing page performs better when compared to direct linking. Although you can definitely still make money either way!

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  1. Ivan what about sending people directly to the text pages because most vendors on Clickbank also have a text based page & frankly speaking, I personally don't like to send people to these video pages because from a customer point of view, I myself don't like these pages which only have a huge video on them when we first open them…You provide too much value in your every videos for free instead of charging for shitty courses like many "Gurus" out there…I download your videos in my laptop for future reference & try to apply them when I am trying to do something new or stuck in something…THANK YOU…❀

  2. a subscriber from S. Korea. Thanks for a series of your videos on affiliate marketing. They are very helpful for me to understand its dynamics. πŸ™‚ This vid also works for me to see why landing pages are needed to better quality of conversions. Thanks always for your contents developement for us!

  3. I like how you always put a table of contents for easier referencing. Awesome video! I just finished watching the one u did on YouTube ads. My ads go live on Wednesday. Wish me luck πŸ˜ŠπŸ’†πŸ½β€β™€οΈ

  4. Does this course really help me
    And does this course has any tips and strategies that work all the time ?
    I'm looking forward to purchase this course and if I don't find value in the course is there any refund policy?
    And a coupon code will be really appreciated 😁

  5. Hi Ivan can you tell me that is there really a need to buy hosting for a domain or can just use the domain without hosting? For unbounce or any other landing page builder?

  6. kool vid bro yea direct linking sounds much easier, landing pages are a major pain u need domain, design, and those dreaded privacy policies yuuck

  7. Just came across your channel, and because of you I'm taking the leap to start with Microsoft Ads for the very first time. Thank you for such amazing content, can hardly believe it's free, though I will invest in your course(s) as soon as I'm able to anyway!

    One question I have that no rep from Microsoft or even Google will answer me on: regarding currency inside the ad account, would you recommend using your own currency always (in my case, NOK), or set it it to USD? Only reason I'm even considering USD is because it might be simpler to calculate how ad spend is doing when looking at affiliate sales. Or will it simply be more expensive since the currency value literally changes every day?

    Thanks again!

  8. Quick question: i am doing brand bidding campaign using landing page with budget of $75 per day and bid amount is 2.5 usd for a product with gravity of 75 but i am not getting much clicks. As per your experience what could be the possible issue?

  9. Landing page, better in my opinion, but if you are a beginner, direct linking, I think the same. Btw, Ivan are all your results only from bing and google ads ? You don't do native or facebook ads ?

  10. Hey Ivan,
    Hope you’re good…
    Hood little video…

    There is a 3rd reason why landing pages benefit the affiliate marketer…. and that is the ability to capture an email address, and sending them offers, both similar or otherwise in perpetuity.

    The power of the β€œlist” should not only never be overlooked, it should be a priority for every Affiliate Marketer both new and seasoned.

    Maxx ~

  11. Hi's great to see u again with more informative contains.. i am just confused for Amazon affiliate program that they consider Facebook ads legit for affiliate if landing page being used for it ..

  12. In my opinion, if you brand bid, (when it's allowed, obviously) it's better to send the visitor directly to the sales page and not a landing page because the visitor already knows what the product is about and he is more closer to purchase.

  13. I have a question, Mr. Mana. regarding the landing page. So is it better if the customers put the email and then go to the Affiliate link or like what you have in the video which is just clicking and go to the affiliate link . so which way is better in terms of more clicks because sometimes people don't want to add their links.
    By the way, love your videos. Keep the grat work

  14. Hi Great video.
    Up until now I used to use a landing page first, but for most part I got a low CTR, so I want to give direct linking a shot.
    I'm trying to do direct linking with Bing and Clickbank, but all my ads get disapproved. when I try the same ad but with my own landing page it gets approved, so I can asume the problem is with the clickbank sales page or the direct linking. What can I do? How to fix this? Thank you!

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