Revamp Your Existing Content to Win Rankings and Skyrocket Traffic (Battleship Method)

Google Algorithm Updates, especially core updates, are the cause for terrible anxiety among bloggers and other website owners. Sometimes your site traffic climbs and it seems like the Google deities have smiled down upon you. Other times if feels like a punch to the gut when your traffic is cut in half.

In this video, we’ll show you what happened to one of the sites we recently bought and how we’re making it update-proof, just like we do when we build our new sites from scratch.

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Link Whisper –

The excel sheet tool for Battleshipping an existing site is part of Project 24, our membership for site creators

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The Battleship Method –

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  1. So much great content and tips thanks for sharing guys. Link whisper does seem so helpful. Have you done any case studies/ tracking how it affects your sites by just using it?

  2. Hello guys, thanks again! Do you know if a similar plugin exisits that would implement H1 and H2 automatically like LikeWhisper with the internal links? I realized I never implement any H1 and H2, big mistake!

  3. Great value as usual.
    I'm looking for the same kind of information for a Youtube Channel: How to analyze it and then improve it. Would be great. Thanks to the entire fantastic Income School Team.

  4. Mr. Jim and Ricky you both are amazing… Thanks for this helpful video. Some of us are really struggling with how to research and write content, can you please do a video about that can WE that can't afford income school.

    I've been blogging for over a year now but my blogging isn't growing… less than 10 page view per day

  5. Big fan of your content! Really high quality stuff!

    One of the biggest things that is holding me back is the lack of expertise I feel I have in anything specific. I fear, no matter what I write, would ultimately be trumped by someone who has had more experience within that niche.

    Let's say I finally identify a niche I want to write on, how can I let the constant negative talk of not knowing enough about that niche stop me or prevent me from doing that deep dive?

    The few I am interested in write about are all very common themes, such as productivity, technology, career etc. So I want to avoid that since the competition would be too great. But looking at those that have been successful, they usually have had some levels of background in that niche giving them a legs up.

  6. Can anyone guide me in the right direction (person or company) than can review my site and help me to fix my articles to help with conversions or a service that will look at my posts and give recommendations on how to correct said articles? I'm getting "okay" traffic these days (about 140 visitors a day) and I'm just not getting any clicks to my affiliates.

  7. This is Daniel from Ghana I love what you guys are doing but I need advice cos in our part of the world the website money making concept looks quite uncertain, do you have any experience to share with me, Please I need your help

  8. Maybe you should join the url's with and without / on the end. I noticed that /why-is-my-goldfish-swimming-sideways and /why-is-my-goldfish-swimming-sideways/ are on separate lines. not that relevant for this post, but it could influence the course of action in colomn H.
    Thanks for the video 🙂

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