In this video you’ll learn how to get traffic for cpa offers. Knowing how to get free traffic for cpa marketing is vital when learning cpa marketing. I have done a lot of cpa marketing for beginners tutorial videos & I’m sure you’ll love this one like others do.

Below are all the links that I mentioned in this cpa marketing training video!

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Getting good traffic to cpa offers is something that most people find hard doing while some do not even know how to and due to that fact they end up paying for the traffic but in this cpa marketing free traffic video tutorial, I can actually promise you that if you follow what I did inside of this cpa marketing traffic video tutorial, you will start to get free cpa traffic and the kind of cpa free traffic that I teach you to get is one that’ll make you real bucks.

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Below are more videos, articles and super helpful resources talking about cpa marketing traffic sources here on youtube and from all around the internet.


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  1. Great job Daniel! I'm really learning a lot from you and I'm also hoping to be a great online making generator like you by implementing the ideas I learn from you. I'm actually new to online business. Thanks!

  2. Oh- another thing-…..There's only one Email address linked to your "PayPal Account",,,,…(not 20😁)….unless you use your actual bank account #, (that's different and will work)

  3. There's so much "Competition",with the "Quora Idea",,,because, when I asked a question on Quora, like, What is the best way to lose weight in 2021? (Clickbank Offer)……and I was gonna try this same idea, I got a whole Train of people posting "Hoplinks",,,,,in my answers section, and they were all paying Quora for "advertising", everyone else is trying to "Copy the same Campaign",..but they're actually paying Quora for ads,…🤔🤔🤔

  4. Good video but I saw in the reviews of trust hero a lot of people complaining about not receiving the leads and the company replied to all them sending fake traffic or not good quality traffic. To be honest I’m pretty sure those micro workers are the reason why 80% of ppl are complaining since lit almost all free traffic videos are talking about that and that’s what people do.

  5. Hi!! Please I can't post my CPA offers links on Facebook.. The URL is restricted and I have tried converting the URL with bitly.. not still working..Your video is very promising and I can't get results. I have tried all my possible means to post it on Facebook, but the url is restricted. i have also tried on Instagram, but its almost impossible to get it done.. Need help. Thanks.

  6. Young man, your grammar and spelling is horrible; maybe because it's a demo your not thinking about spelling and grammar. These techniques can get your publisher accounts banned, incentive, and spamming, goes against the TOA. Quora will stop you for answering questions if the AI detects to many links from your account. Your numbers don't really add up. If your making on average $80-$150 daily which is over 35K in a year. You should be able to afford a better work area to produce your videos with better quality and professionalism. IMO…

  7. Actually there is a limit of using 10 email accounts per day, so its not possible to use 20 in one day.. Be Aware of that next time..

    And Also if you send exactly 50 emails per day, as it is the maximum, your account can also be shouted down! so DO NOT SEND 50 EMAILS!! Send 40 or 45 but not the maximum.

  8. Hi Daniel, Most of the surveys don't end up well, you never know where they take you and what if someone who does it for you is unable to show you proof of completion… because it mostly involves looping you into different pages and chances to get lost.. any advice??

  9. I just got approved for adworkmedia. And one of the offer says 'Must include exact landing pages where page will be promoted when applying for this campaign'. Can you please tell me what does this exactly mean..?l

  10. Hi Daniel you won my subscription and like, I like your video it is very informative but i have a burning question. Please answer me. How can i be sure that i target people from the US through the second and third method,it wasn't quit clear to me.

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