7 Case Studies that Will Make You Rethink Internet Marketing

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  1. Why not check only google search traffic instead of showing overall traffic?

    Since if you get mention one of your sites and then the video could get a huge number of views in the beginning and after that also get a steady stream of views that boost the overall traffic?

    Overall good video as always

  2. Hello, that workprep.com traffic. In Google Analytics it is seen as direct traffic (people write url in browser) or like referral traffic from YouTube? Or maybe like organic search traffic(people search it through Google search bar)? Link to workprep.com was under that Youtube video? I would appreciate your reply. Income school is great.

  3. Since I've been following your channel and learning a lot about SEO, one of my pages, which I published at the end of September, made it to 9th place on the first SERP on the topic. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience.

  4. Hi guys, thanks for the great video as always. A question: what's your take on the future of blogging when AI is speeding towards the singularity event? Apparently, already, a robot was able to write 10000 Wikipedia articles in one day. Where does that put us as little guys (ie. no team of writers, not a corporate with an authoritative site) How do small business entrepreneurs compete against AI in the serps? Could you do a video about this perhaps? What's a dude to do? Are we just living a current illusion? Should we go beyond Google and use other search engines? Beyond YouTube? Beyond the clutches of DeepMind? Thanks.

  5. Thanks Ricky, it's a very interesting content, in fact when you mention a website in a youtube video, it's also in the transcript of the video and google takes it into account especially if you add (pronounce) the dotcom, it's not clickable but it's there !

  6. I have been diligently following your videos close to an year. When I started watching you two sweet guys, I wrote a post on my site (https://happyproject.in/how-to-be-happy/) following all the things you advised, and waited for 8-9 months for it to pick up traffic. I don't know what I missed, but it still hovers around 150 pageviews per month. I think I'll have to re-watch all your SEO videos. By the way, I watched that one where you bike to across desert-like terrains to write a post like 6 or 7 times! It's so entertaining and educational!

  7. Catching up on commenting! I went to Utah to see my newest grandson who was just born. I thought I would have time to work – but not the case with babies and helping mama and the other kids.

  8. hi there jim & ricky.. I am a staunch believer in the IS concept of blogging and have been following your tips since 10 months now.. until recenly, when my 1 article that was raking in 15k PV's per month, has gradually lost traffic due to others writing articles on it. my artile is almost 8 months old. although, it is still on page1 but have moved down the SERP's on few major KW's. I can see others who have written article on the similar KW' and google has somehow given them a higher position in the SERPs.

    My question is.. How do i go about it? Should i re-write that article completely ?? Or just add a crap ton of conent into that same blog post???? I honestly don't know how to go about it. Please guide 🙂 Thanks ! Stay safe

  9. I am very lazy to hit like button, but I just liked this video for Ricky's cute face at the end. I love you both Jim & Ricky. You guys are awesome and honest..
    By the way I do spread the word and recommend friends.

  10. Thank you guys, valuable information. Do you plan another site rewamping contest? It is amazing to see how your ideas can bring a new life to old websites or bring some glow to new ones which is struggling with monetization. Thanks

  11. Can you make a video about new amazon and FTC regulations about affiliate disclosure above every post and next to every affiliate link? I think that could help a lot of people because it's hard for me to implement that to my site without ruining a user experience
    thanks, guys 😀

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