CPA Marketing Facebook Ads Training For Beginners (A FULL $500/DAY Tutorial!)

I’ll show you how to use cpa marketing facebook ads to make upto $500 every single day and the good part is that we can use any network at all cause from what, I’ve seen lately, I’ve noticed that most of the other people that teach this make it look like maxbounty is the only cpa network we can use with facebook ads…

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Like I said, in this video I’ll show you guys how to do cpa marketing with fb ads in this very detailed cpa marketing training and yeah this video can surely pass as a tutorial on cpa marketing for beginners because the way I teach the whole cpa facebook ads thing…

Even a layman would understand for sure. I really think this video would for sure be one of the best cpa marketing and facebook ads tutorials that you’ll find anywhere on the internet because the way I teach here, even a baby that’s new to the world as a whole would understand everything I teach in this cpa marketing guide…

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  1. What if they do sign up the first time around will they still receive follow up emails asking them did they finish or convincing them to sign up when they already did?? How will we distinguish between someone signed up and who hasn't to determine when to send out another email or not to send out another one

  2. Facebook will not approve this post and there is risk of adaccount banning. Since there is free iphone we can change the angle to get it work. Did you personally check it with FB Daniel. Can you please tell me did FB approve it ?

  3. Hi please i watched all your videos and i couldnt do the same i dont have a laptop so i cant use builderall i still didnt make any money 🙁 pls do a video on how to make with only using a phone

  4. Question. Is browsing through FB in-app browser considered Outbound Click?

    FB describes outbound click as " The metric counts clicks that take people to other destinations outside Facebook-owned properties." So I am wondering if the user clicked the ad, browse through Facebook-owned in-app browser, will it be considered outbound click? or will it be considered as instant experience?

  5. Where is your proof on making 500$/day? If you just talking theoretically without showing your own proof you could just say make 1million/day with this trick. Every money making youtuber will just talk without even show their own proof

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