An 18 Minute Private Lesson in Blogging with Jim Harmer

It’s not everyday you get a chance to get a 1-on-1 from the creator of 14+ successful blogs! Here’s your chance to get some really ninja tips as you’re creating your blog in your niche!

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  1. I write similar to how you approach it. I come up with the skeleton, the headings and general flow of the ideas. I work on "filling in those sections" and then adding in the media. I tend to stray from you on how you like to work from one spot and then move onto the next idea. I struggle when shifting to a different task, so I tend to do better writing the whole article, then adding the media and cleaning up any long sentences and fixing white space. Love the video.

  2. 1. Answer target
    2. Photo illustrated article: wikihow have great illustrations
    3. Structuring the article correctly
    4. Off-topic subtopics
    5. Dedicated spot to write (minimal distractions)
    6. Dedicated time to focus on writing
    7. Research

    Wow. Love the content

  3. Great stuff, as usual. But threw me off with the 101, 102 and 103 quality levels. When people speak of 101, etc., they are equating the topic to college levels of work. 101, 102 and 103 are all freshman/beginner levels. I think the audience would understand how much more important each new skill is if the levels advance to more expert levels. I would have gone: 101, 201, 301…even to 401, showing an advancement from beginner to expert (freshman to sophomore to junior to senior).

  4. The difficulty here is that many questions can be answered thoroughly in just a couple of paragraphs. When writing a short Response post that would make the rest of the article…fluff or being off topic just to fill out the article.

  5. 1. Most info in little lines.
    2. Photos wikihow.
    3. Article intent.
    4. Edit.
    5. Sub headers complete answer.
    6. Environment.
    7. Dedicated time.
    8. Learn everything about topic.
    9. Better teacher.

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