Facebook Retargeting Ads and Pixels For Beginners (Facebook Ads Mastery Series) – Part 2

In this Video, Part of the Facebook Mastery series for beginners, I will talk and explain the importance of Facebook Retargeting Ads when running a Facebook Ads Campaign. and I will show you how to set up Facebook pixels for retargeting and explain 3 main case scenarios in where this can help you.

This is the second part of the “Facebook Ads Free Course” and every week I will be publishing a new Video and add to this series.

This course will not only help you run your own campaigns to grow your business, but I will explain everything you need also to work as Online as a Facebook Marketing agency and Run Successful Ad Campaigns for your clients.

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Video Topics:
Introduction 0:00
What is Facebook Ad Retargeting? 1:13
What is Facebook Pixel? 2:44
How To Install Facebook Pixels? 4:45
3 Examples For Facebook Retargeting 9:05
Example 1: Target Website Visitors 9:31
Example 2: Target link Clicks 11:55
Example 3: Target Certain Actions 15:00

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Contact Email: support@h-educate.com

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  1. Hello there,
    I wanted to thank you for your content,
    My dad had bad english and cant understand americans as he can understand you. You talk slowly and really understandble, you dont go fast as many others go.
    Thanks again, and keep up with your good work <3

  2. hello Hassana, how do we go about the third scenario?
    I have watched the entire fb mastery course but you didn't remember to talk about it. Please i need your help on that.

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