Facebook Ads Targeting Tutorial – Engagement Audiences & Retargeting Video Views

Retargeting video views on Facebook is one of the best advertising strategies for 2019. This video shows how to setup the video engagement audiences so you can target them with your ads!

With the right Facebook ads targeting, you can reach the best quality prospects for your sales funnel. With the wrong Facebook targeting, you’ll never make a sale!

This strategy is great for beginners and pro’s alike. I prefer to start with either publishing videos organically to your fanpage or publishing live videos.

Right now in the Facebook algorithm, video content is getting prioritized in reach… Live videos are getting even more boost.

When you target your most engaged video viewers with your ads to the top of your sales funnel you have a high likelihood of increasing your conversion rate in your funnel and lowering your cost per lead and cost per customer acquisition.

You can also create lookalike audiences for these video view audiences which you’ll see exactly how to do in this video.

Regardless whether you target video views or website visitors, the custom audiences you target are the make or break for your Facebook campaigns.

This video reveals the best Facebook targeting for 2019 which is retargeting video views.

You will get to follow along and watch step by step as I show you how to setup these custom audiences in your Facebook ads manager through this tutorial.

Now this is just one of more than 21 Facebook ads manager trainings I’ve made available for you on my How To Advertise On Facebook post here: http://milesbeckler.com/how-to-advertise-on-facebook/

If you are not familiar with the process of creating facebook ads and you need a tutorial about how to put these custom audiences be sure to watch this step-by-step tutorial where I show you how to launch a $5 Facebook Ads campaign: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g9JfWuZJ5-M


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  1. I’ve been doing ads with FB Experts for a couple of years. It has always been confusing even after the fact. It took you ten mins to explain what they couldn’t make simple in a 3 year time span.

    You’re truly putting out necessary content. My hats off to you and your followers should stay put. Thanks again brother. good stuff 👊🏽

  2. Why would you retarget to cold traffic (lookalike) they’ve never seen your ad before? I’m confused. Like you’re retargetting your video views but then you create a retarget lookalike audience who never watched your video.

  3. Hi Miles. Since my lookalike audience (based on people watching my video) is too low for now, can I use the option "Lookalike expansion" to create my first ad? Is this option any good or it's just a way for FB to get my money without delivering? :0) Thx, Miles, you're the best.

  4. Hi! Great video and thank you. How do you retarget customers if you have less than 1k audience for each campaign? My current campaigns are not delivering and Facebook says the audience size may be too small..

  5. Really helpful video, thank you!

    I was just wondering, what if you don't really have any followers on your fb page. Could you instead just create a well-targeted Reach or Engagement video-Ad and then retarget the people who watched a % that video?

    Or would that become too expensive?

  6. Hi great tutorial! Quick question, does the 50% include also the 75% and up? Or it is better to create audience and lookalike audience for each percentage separately? Thank you in advance.

  7. Hey Miles, great video. I am a real estate agent starting from scratch, wanting to target upsizing families. Since housing and real estate is now a special ads category in the US, all the targeting criteria I once used is no longer available. I thought about running a video with limited or no targeting to a specific geographic area with the content itself tailored for upsizing families. My thought is the upsizing families might sort themselves out by watching more of the video, which I could then retarget with 50% or 75%+ video views ad offering my upsizing buyer's guide and further nurture sequences. Starting from scratch, do you see a better way to target that type of clientele specifically? Thanks!

  8. Thank you for this video, it's SO helpful!! I am SO glad I found your YouTube channel! Iam running a video view campaign now and getting ready to set up a conversion campaign from that. I have a question. We have a big IG following so I set up a lookalike from that, however there are two IG pages (one official and one unofficial). On Sunday we unlinked the unofficial IG page (attached to my lookalike audience) and started following the other IG page. Will I still be able to re-target the traffic if the IG link is gone? And a separate question, how long does an effective video campaign need to concurrently run, or what does the re-target size need to be? Thank you!!!

  9. Great Miles. 1 question. Say I keep my original ad running for 1 year. I create a custom audience to re-show the ad to people that viewed it in the last 30 days. Does it only show to people from the last 30 days when I created the ad or will it continue to update from the original ad every day? For example 30 from now will I have entirely new audience? Or will the same original 30 day people keep seeing the add a year from now when they don't care anymore.

  10. I have been hooked on your videos recently! Killing the game. I have a quick question. With the look a like audiences is there a way to target a location that is even more specific and narrowed down than just the 'United States'? I am advertising a local barbershop, so I only want to be targeting people within a 10-15 mile radius. Thanks again, and keep up the solid work.

  11. So with retargeting, is there a specific audience that's necessary for me to create the look a like? I also like the idea of a Facebook retargeting video funnel series. Like the first video is educational content, the next is more about the brand and what we offer, and I can finish it off with a sales video to get them buying the course/membership. I'd love to hear your thoughts on that.

  12. Thx again Miles for your sharing. Though I'd like to know (for a lead B2B service for my insurance trader client) if once you've set up your custom and lookalike audience, how do you set up your adset in terms of location, interests, demographics, etc. I'd say since it retargets people who have watched at least 90% of the video, I'd leave all settings blanks. Billy says put a location (though is it for ecommerce?), Dan says leave it all blank, what do you think? thanks

  13. Thks Miles. Great infos. Priceless for me as targeting audience for an Audio content (on ITunes, Spotify, Amazon…) is really not easy to reach. I did on my YouTube channel a presentation which introduce my Audio album, but I need first to grow the Audience on YouTube.
    Beside this I did an ad on Facebook with my page to promote this same album (37$) .
    I got the first data’s back, it seems ok but it will be harder to engage more audience as the data’s from the distributor will only appeared in May..(as my Album was distributed by Tune Core which this distributor diffused on 30 different platforms as iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon… and others)
    Guess I need to wait first those datas back in May (2 month after uploaded my Album -March 2019) and to give a shot to a live presentation maybe on YouTube which I could upload on FB…?

    Anyway, thank you very much for your insights. 🙏🙏😊

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