6 Ways To Increase Website Traffic FAST and FOR FREE

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If you want to make money online, you need to get traffic to your blog, your website, or your YouTube channel. Today I’m sharing my most favorite tips and tricks to get more organic, free traffic to your website, fast!


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Today’s video is about website traffic – my favorite topic!

I am showing you 6 awesome ways to drive traffic to your website. Here is the summary:

Method #1 is by using the Golden Keyword Ration. I didn’t come up with this method, it’s a method I learnt from the NicheSiteProject website. It’s an excellent way of nearly-guaranteeing that the keywords that you choose and publish content on will be successful and will land you into the top-100 results on Google shortly after publishing.

I’ve had really good results with this method, and I think you will too – so check it out and have fun!

Method #2 to increase your organic traffic is to reduce your bounce rate. In the video, I’m sharing a recent case study, where I managed to improve my bounce rate by 10% and that in turn gave me 10% more traffic and 10% more ad revenue on my website.

Method #3 is one of my favorite free toold to increase website traffic, and exactly how my content manages to outrank Wikipedia time and time again. This little “tool” is… content length! I always try to publish the longest and most in-depth content that I possibly can. Content length is one of the best marketing strategies, and if you publish longer content than all your competitors, you will have a great chance to outrank the,

Method #4 is to use LSI keywords. LSI keywords are keywords that are related to your primary target search term. In this video, I’m showing how you can find these LSI keywords, and how they can help you get more traffic.

Method #5 is a simple but powerful tip – and that is to regularly update your content. Personally, whenever I update old content with some new information, it shoots up in Google Rankings, because Google loves to show the most up to date content.

Method #6 is to publish content that is rich in tables and structured data. In this video, I show a few examples of snippets which Google takes out of websites which publish content that is presented in structured format. It has helped me get several featured snippets, simply by structuring my content into appropriate format.

I hope you find these tips useful!

Greg Kononenko

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  1. Good video as always but how do you monetize traffic for a specific kw like the one about palm beach? Just Adsense (which is not that good)? Are there specific affiliate programs? Help please!

  2. I'm a new blogger. I wanna know how much I would start earning through my website if I have 5 to 6 posts in first month with some affiliate products in my shop category.? Can I consider to apply for Google AdSense after 5 to 6 good posts of approx. 1500 words

  3. Kudos! Excellent tutorial and got some great nuggets to apply to my blog. Quick question ??? When inserting links into your content, Should you have the links open in a New Tab or Open on the same Page/Tab ? Thanks for the valuable content.

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