How To Increase Website Traffic WITHOUT Backlinks (Easy)

How to increase website traffic organically, fast and free. In this video, you will learn ways to increase your blog or website traffic WITHOUT building backlinks. šŸ‘‰ Subscribe:

Do you want to increase website traffic? Awesome šŸ™‚ I will show you how you can do that, without building backlinks, and without using paid traffic.

Using these same methods, I’ve been able to increase organic traffic to my blogs and website, fast and free. I’ve got this (almost) down to a science and would love to share it with you guys today šŸ™‚


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After you implement the tips in this video, I have no doubt that you will be able to quickly increase your website or blog traffic.

You will lean exact 7 steps that I use on every post that I publish on my blogs.

And doing these 7 things, I am able to get free organic traffic to my websites, fast and for free.


Greg Kononenko
(The Caffeinated Blogger)

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  1. Amazing info Greg, thanks a lot!

    So I'm a beginner blogger and I use rank math plugin for my SEO. I see you refer to Yoast SEO in most of your videos, is it better than rank math?

  2. No backlinks traffic.
    1. Right keywords ahrefs 15 difficulty.
    2. Top 10 and post outline.
    3. 2000 words minimum indepth.
    4. Internal links.
    5. Videos and outbound links.

  3. OMG Ahrefs has a toolbar? I had no idea! You just made my day ā€” thank you! I use this application daily so the toolbar will be excellent!

  4. another good vid…..but the ahrefs tool is not free….it is very expensive….is there another option?….I am surprised that you don't mention that…..the low end is $99/month

  5. Caffeinated Blogger ive been having trouble making my first commission on clickbank and i need you help what if i give you access to my clickbank account just for a couple of days to use you can also use it on youtube to show people how you have helped me make my first commission on clickbank but can you also show us how to create money without a website and without clickfunnels and facebook. Can i Trust You with my account?

  6. Very Helpful in ways and I appreciate the fact there are no ads in your videos šŸ™‚

    what you are saying sounds good and I really want to apply it to my website but I dont think its possible.
    Here are a few reasons why,
    I only operate locally within 50 miles typically
    Its a hire business for weddings which usually means one time custom.
    Im not sure how blogging would help? if it would how would i apply it to my website?
    Also used the ahrefs toll and all my local competition had similar keywords and not much traffic etc, so not alot of insight there.
    Help šŸ™‚

  7. Hey, what kind of hosting do you use to get your fresh sites up and running fast? What kind of WP theme do you recommend? Thank you! Can get paid consultation about my business?

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