Revealing My ACTUAL Net Worth

Here is my net worth breakdown and how I was able to grow my income through real estate and investing over time – Enjoy! Add me on Instagram: GPStephan

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If I’ve learned anything from this, it really just comes down to the importance of always saving your money, investing as consistently as you can, when you find something that works – STICK WITH IT – and always operate from a place of integrity. I think people really respect that, and even though it’s slower in the short term – it’s going to be MUCH better in the long term. And also, it’s REALLY important to like what you do … there’s NO WAY I would’ve been able to keep up such an intense schedule if I didn’t thoroughly enjoy it, but the fact is – me working those crazy hours is so much fun, it would be like someone going on vacation for a few weeks and wondering how the time flew by so fast…that’s how I’ve felt. And when that happens, that’s when you’re able to do your best work.

Also, practically in terms of making more money – doing something where you can leverage your time is ESSENTIAL. For example, it takes me the same amount of time to make a video for 1 person as it does 1 million people…and that allows me to reach MORE people with the SAME amount of work. Same with working as a real estate agent – looking back, a better use of my time would’ve been to hire someone to work under me rather than doing it all myself…but, some of those lessons you only learn over time.

That’s something that never really “clicked” with me before doing this, and that’s how I was able to start seeing my income increase to some really mind-blowing numbers today.

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  1. I have been watching you since the interview with pro the doge and you have inspired me to go into looking into being a broker than hopefully within time and hard work I’ll be where you are in the years to come

  2. Me getting excited about breaking the $200,000 mark and starting my own business at 25 then I look at grahams video where he's a millionaire by 26. Woof. I'll get there one day.

  3. This is much appreciated Graham. You worked hard and i have mad respect for that! Feeling behind now because im coming up to late 20s!

  4. You've been a true inspiration to me Graham. I bought my first house as an investment property at 19, 2 years ago. I am now almost 21 and am so grateful I found your channel. I'm so much into real estate investing and hopefully will be a self made millionaire in a couple years.

  5. My parents say I’m not allowed to have a job (I’m 15) and even when I go to college they express great disinterest in me getting a job (obviously I’m gonna get a job anyway.) right now just from saving money in 2019 (I had to stop due to COVID) I roughly gained 1k+
    Sadly I didn’t continue to save during corona until just recently. I now have like an extra 50$. I don’t have a job but I used to make a few extra bucks by drawing Art for money ( which I had to stop doing because my parents don’t want me to work while I’m in school)
    Do you have any advice on what I can do to get more money over the summer? Because when it’s summer I won’t be in school anymore and maybe they’ll let me get a job from home. They won’t let me go out and get a job. I’m thinking about opening art commissions again but that didn’t end up giving me much. Any advice would help thanks!

  6. I recently found your channel and enjoy how honest and common sense it is. It took me decades to understand money and how to preserve and grow it. I did have a great military career that gave me a pension worth 2-3 million, a civilian career with a pension and retirement at 58, three pensions, a million in investments and a lifestyle to continue to invest and live comfortably in an RV while traveling. I wish your channel existed 20 years ago but I am still learning.

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