This Site is Making $0 Because of These 3 Mistakes – Website Review

A few weeks ago we asked in our YouTube community page for people who wanted us to review their site and give feedback here on our channel. We got a lot of replies!
Lizzie was one who volunteered as tribute, and was very open about the frustration of making no money from the site. The tips shared here will be super helpful for anyone creating their own site who wants to make more (or any) money from it.

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0:00 Site Topic = Tough
1:16 Results from Organic Search
3:47 Improving the Email List
5:53 Ads and Affiliate Links
8:17 3 Actions

Project 24 is a product of Income School LLC. Results mentioned are not typical. The trademark “Project 24” refers to the goal of some people to create a successful business in 24 months, but is not a promise or guarantee of that success. Many online businesses fail because, like any business, it requires hard work, skill, and dedication. Before making business decisions, consult financial and legal professionals licensed in your jurisdiction.


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  1. Doesn't double opt-in cover the gdpr compliance? That's what a lot of bloggers do like Lizzie, instead of doing the checkmark. Instead of just getting added to the list, they have to confirm their email first via a confirmation email.

  2. Her website is pretty much doing everything right expect for minor bits ; Its a bit concerning , he could not pinpoint why shes not making $ or give any significant improvements .

  3. Hi Ricky,

    My site is and I have been trying for Adsense for past two months and still getting rejected. I have tried to create all the necessary pages on my site as recommend by most pro bloggers. Yet to no avail, Adsense still rejected me.

    Can you please analyse my site and point out to me the reasons that I am getting rejected.

    Thank you so much guys for the insights that you are providing to the blogging community.


  4. Helpful, thanks! Just wondering about the european opt in now – I haven’t seen any site do this new way (unchecked box) yet – is it necessary? and how do i add that option on a sign up plugin?

  5. Hey I would like to pay someone from P24 that would review my site and explain me what I'm doing wrong and why I'm dropped by 50% in SERP and also 1/3 in GA (visits) . Please let me know at .. I just can't explain what's wrong

  6. GDPR is a real bottle neck I can see where you state there is an issue with the site not complying with GDPR and agree the benefits of the product do are not being utilized to their best advantage, not stating your being directed to Amazon kind of makes you wonder where Lizzie is directing them. Now if I needed to lose some weight it would be an interesting site.

  7. Great video! I would also suggest in addition to what Ricky said on this video that it might be a good idea to update and rework your existing content to match search intent in google, the other thing I've noticed concern monetization.

  8. One thing I noticed everyone doing is adding a short about widget to their WordPress sidebar. Is this really necessary? Not really understanding the point to it if there's already an about page with all that information there? Be good to hear your thoughts on is this really needed to be shown on every single page throughout the site, cheers Ricky and Jim.

  9. Is it a smart idea to add a blog to my art exhibit website in order to rank my app higher on google search? I'm kind of confused if apps that blow up in popularity use this method? Or should I make an entire new website for its blog?

    If anyone could give me advice id greatly appreciate it

  10. Hello,first of all thanks a lot becuase of any effort you guys put to help us.
    I have a question,I'm planning to sign up for your product,do u have any service like helping or consulting?

  11. Hi,

    Great advice, as usual, I created my lifestyle blog a few months ago but the problem is my site's spam score, is literally increasing almost 67% I am really worried about it and finding a relevant topic on your channel I couldn't find it. Can you help me out how to decrease my spam score.

  12. I like and appreciate you guys so much that even if I DON’T like a video, I STILL give it a thumbs up! Haha. Seriously! But don’t worry, I love this video and 99.99% of all of your others as well. This one in particular is another one I added to my playlist and will be watching over and over again! Hey, real quick, while I’m writing this!!! Do you guys still construct blog posts the same as in your “How To Write a Blog Post in Under An Hour” video? I’m asking, bc I would imagine that EAT would have changed that for you guys, yeah? Or can you still rank posts written for the “neighbor” perspective???

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