Answering All MAKE MONEY ONLINE Questions From My Subs!

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  1. Bro, i have been following your steps but i still find my answers on quora banned and also can you help me out on how to make a thumbnail for my youtube videos. Add me on Whatsapp 08151278783 so you can give me d details. Thanks bro your honest fan.

  2. Bro been following up on your YouTube channel ever since and you have such a great content on every videos unloaded. Finally decided to start my affiliate journey I'm Justin staying in Lagos, Lekki wished we could connect so you could teach me more of those affiliate marketing skills
    I really want to get in to the affiliate game bro Thanks and God bless

  3. Hi, Daniels

    Nice to meet you, I followed you by promoting a product from Clickbank "Leptoconnect" this product doesn't contain a video on it just text and I referred when I created an opt-in there's a video. How may solve this Issue?

    After I decided to test the final work I entered my first & second name with email, I received this sales letter instead of receiving a video, below the link:

    Thanks a lot

  4. hello daniel, I've grabbed thousands of email addresses for my cold email blast.. but the problem now is how to send bulk email to all the email addresses at once (FREE).I searched it on YouTube but only paid tools available.. and also following your method of creating hundreds of email addresses.. hmm! i tried but phone number issues and other things too.. please help

  5. Please send people to me if they need a account Danial. I really can use extra money and I’m a straight person. You can trust me I promise I wouldn’t mess over u or anybody you hook me up with. I have 3 clickbank accounts I’m in New Orleans Louisiana United States

  6. Warrior plus sucks bro they never except my response for some reason. Clickbank takes your first 100$ someone said. I feel like clickbank is messing over me. Please let me know if anyone u know needs a clickbank account? I have 3 accounts and I can let someone use 2 of my accounts. I’m so broke I’m about to loose everything smh. It sucks for bartenders like me because they still kept bars closed so I been out of work since corona virus. I really need help bro. I’m willing to pay u to show me how to make 1 sale. You make it look so easy bro. Much respect I hope you and your family stay safe. Tell him right here I’ll open a account bro please 🙏🏼

  7. I just want to make 1 sale so I can get that extra energy in me because I know it will be real. I feel like I should’ve sold something bro I literally watched multiple videos and did everything you said. I don’t have a computer or a domain so that sucks. Is it possible to make sales using mobile phone? 7 weeks I still can not make a sale. Anything I might be doing wrong u think?

  8. Hie brother… I have been following you post…since start of this month.. Im in SA… Please help with your free course….

    Moreso… Online ways to make money bro im still new..

  9. hello sir thank you for your effort pls sir i need a help i want to order a payoneer ATM CARD from @t as you know that if you have 30 dollar you will order a new card but now they showing me must be atleat 2,000.00 USD this is what i have seen below pls sir help us and make a new video for solving this problem
    The Payoneer card. A great way to access and spend your earnings.

    You'll be able to order a Payoneer card once you've received payments of at least 2,000.00 USD (or equivalent) to your account in the previous 6 months.

    *Not including Make a Payment and payments from ewallets

  10. please bro i want you to clarify this for me …what is the different between content locker and URL/ file locker ?
    are we using the same process for two ? please i need answer to these questions

  11. Hey Daniel, Please i tried adding fund to my google ads account so that my campaign can start running but unfortunately after adding my master card details am getting a message saying request failed, something went wrong learn more about how to check your payment method information or add a new payment method to your google account[OR-CCSEH-05],
    How do i go about resolving this coz i have really read through their guide,
    Although i Deactivated my account as of 2018, but i have Reactivated it, but still no head way
    How can you help please?

  12. I need sincere answer because am unable to make sales using free traffic,I have fb private group a with over 100members but no sales,I also answer question on quora and also do YouTube review videos but still didnt get any sales.
    Please help me out

  13. Daniel the young & bright enterprenuer pls theres a question I need to ask please I have a clickbank account how do I change my house address to a new one bcz now am in another location & will be staying there for couple of years thanks

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