Unlock Success Podcast | #1 Reason Entrepreneurs STAY BROKE

What’s more important to you? The appearance of having money or actually having that money?

With the rise of Social Media it’s easy to get caught in a trap of trying to impress others which just leaves us broke and hurting.

We’ve all heard the stories of the professional athletes who acquired so much wealth yet are now declaring bankruptcy. The same is true for Entrepreneurs. You’d be surprised to know who is actually wealthy and who isn’t.

If you want to spend your money like the rich – invest it!

Invest in things that last and especially invest in yourself.

How can you invest in yourself? Carefully study successful people, notice their habits, study their routines. You’ll wind up Unlocking ways to build your wealth and happiness without realizing it.

Stop trying to get rich and start building wealth!

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  1. So insightful, and echo everything you say, as have been there and couldn't even afford the tea shirt when it went down.. 😢 and wont make that mistake again. Thanks Anthony, love what you are doing.

  2. Great podcast. Nice to hear someone who has created wealth, how they look at what they need to do for their future. Living below your income is a great way to build your wealth.

  3. Hello Anthony,

    Noticeably you have multiple businesses. I have never been to any online business but I am interested to have a bold step to try this business as I am stuck with a paid hours job. I received multiple emails from you presenting different business-like email marketing and web fire 3.0 for instance. I am not a techy guy nor have good resources so I am wondering which one of your businesses do you think would suit me as an entrepreneur in spirit.

    Thanks in advance for your reply and God bless you!

    I replied to your email with this message.

  4. The lesson Anthony is sharing here is so matter-of-fact that all of us should just be doing it. The trouble is life gets so busy and hectic that we just try to survive. Thanks, Anthony for a refresher on how to be better and hopefully successful.

  5. You know that every SMART successful person ive ever known , i didnt know they were until later when i found out because they weren't flashy and announcing what they had! Instead they lived on a budget!

  6. My takeaway – Don't worry/try to keep up with the Jones', Smiths', etc. Do what's best for you and be humble about it. Flashy lifestyle – no, quiet, sensible, good taste – yes.

  7. Best Advice Ever…DON'T BUY THINGS YOU DON'T NEED!! LOL Don't have a possie! Don't overspend on the big things you need! Thank you, Anthony, for all the practical and wise advice.

  8. Holy smokes so true. An MLM company I was in in the early 90's, the leaders stressed this point so much. Save your money. I remember some stories of a couple of guys who were making 800K per year plus who drove 14 year old cars and lived in small apartments until they had at least a million saved. Fast forward to the early 2000's and I met two brother's who were in there early 20's who made a 100k per month and were living paycheck to paycheck.
    You are the first one in digital marketing I have ever heard give this advise. We need to hear more of it.

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