Unlock Success Podcast | How to Stay Positive During a Pandemic

There are so many negatives to a pandemic.

There is no denying that and my heart goes out to ANYONE who is struggling for ANY reason during this time.

This video is simply to encourage you and help you think through the ways to come out of this a better, stronger, more successful, more resilient version of yourself than you ever thought possible…

And even more, become someone is able to HELP those around you to reach that same level of success, growth, and betterment we all hope to achieve.

Watch today’s video for my advice on how to think that through.


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  1. There are many positive things to focus on during a pandemic.

    The time freedom that I have experienced during this time has benefited my life in many ways.
    Especially watching your videos which have inspired me to better myself in my health and relationships and
    improving my skills to making money.

  2. Being successful in Online Marketing can make one isolated from the common man. One thing I can say about Anthony is that he is so grounded is the ways of marketing he also very mindful of the new beginners issues and how issues can affect those working online with less experience.

  3. So refreshing to have someone focusing on the positives, even during these unprecedented and uncertain times. We all have a choice to make every day we live on this planet phenomenal and to do something to make that day great – even if it is as small as fully enjoying and appreciating your morning coffee β˜• Take this time to make improvements in your life, in your relationships and in yourself. We now have the time, so there are no more excuses πŸ˜‡ I am already looking at my life and thinking I am a better person as I am choosing to focus only on the positives and from this comes growth 🌱 My mantra from today β€œI am ready to conquer the world and have massive success”. #NeverGiveUp #PartnerWithAnthony #AnthonyMorrision

  4. Great comments and so very wise ones mentioned and should take these to heart and if you live by the positive things then dealing with any negative will work out for you thank you Anthony !!!!

  5. i would like to do affiliate marketing. I watched your pod where you said that people could do affiliate marketing with you but I missed the 'subscribe' button. I have never done anything like this before so would love to do with someone who has the experience, if possible! I love your podcasts as they are 'holistic' – not just all about making money. Making money is great and that would be a goal but its nice to see 'lifestyle' advice as well. My reason for making money would be to be spending my time working for myself so that the harder I work the more I progress and to help others and inspire others once I am successful.

  6. I hear so many say they are bored during the pandemic. Such an insult to their brain. The pandemic hasn't changed my life. You changed my life for the better. Every day is always a great day no matter what. Thank you for all you do Anthony

  7. I'm listening to you, my friend. As I'm being alienated from my children and spend a lot of time trying to reach them by phone it's very hard to overcome everyday (plus, the new normal) challenges while I try to keep income from my carpentry business to fund a new internet marketing business. So, it's great to hear your inspirational talks on how to self-motivate and the importance of trying to tune-out negative thoughts. Instead, I'll try to focus on creating a better situation for us to be together more often. Thanks.

  8. Anthony, thanks for sharing your thoughts on a few ways to think more positive during this Pandemic. You are blessed to have a spouse during this time, especially a chance to improve your relationship with. Not sure how you can go to the Gym when they are mostly closed. I have not been in a Gym in about 10 years, since I retired from the Air Force. I am one of those on being alone all the time. I do call my family but they all live in a different State. I missed attending Church and we cannot even do that. So, I am alone all the time now. I cannot even go to work or go bowling. I hope I can improve my finances someday. Willie

  9. Love the reminder of why we are here. It can be easy to get down because of the pandemic, however we have time to up skill, learn and put in action and move towards our desires. Once we have achieved our desires then we have the ability to help others and the world opens up.

  10. I have spent this whole time self-educating – after becoming unemployed- building new skills – Now I am looking to take action and rebuild my life continuing to learn & and apply everything I have been working on! These series of videos 3x times a week have helped Anthony Morrison! Thank πŸ™πŸ» you!

  11. I have been isolated whilst working from home for the last few weeks but I am luckier than some because I do have good neighbours that I can talk to when I need to. I do have family that live 30 minutes away but I don't have that much contact with them but a few days ago my aunt and uncle contacted me via facebook to make sure I was doing ok.
    I have donated what I could afford to help people less fortunate than me also.

    You're very lucky to have the support network that you have.

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