Going from $1000 to $10,000/mo Within 15 Months

Super inspiring story for you guys this morning! Building niche sites and youtube channels, Jeff was finally able to get his dream of traveling with his family in a motor home, and this is how he did it!

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  1. I feel like project 24 will help me a lot with my site. Its about 8 months old now and still not doing that great. I know 8 months isn't long and I should give it more time. I've got about 130 articles on it. I can't afford project 24 though. The reason I started this is because I love writing. Writing is my true passion and I hate my job. I barely make enough to live and feel so drained by it. When I sit down and work on my site I feel happy and fulfilled and would love to make money doing it. I just don't know how I can afford project 24. I don't even have that much money left after my bills are paid. Not even close. I've been watching your YouTube videos and they have helped some. What else can I do though?

  2. This was hands down one of the best interviews you have ever done. Jeff was totally transparent and honest which of course made him the winner in EAT! Great story that I found very inspirational. Jeff so glad you and your family are having this fabulous vacation together – safe journeys.

  3. Awesome Interview/video !!!…Very Inspiring….Forgot who said it but…If You help enough people get what they want, you'll GET what you want !!!…Plus I read some great advice once from a veteran marketer years ago who said…Once you have reached your desired monthly income goal and can maintain it for 3-5 months consecutively, then you can quit your job !!!

  4. I watch these on my TV and can not comment on them. That is the downside to watching YouTube on my smart tv. I have to remember to get on my laptop to come and make the comments. So now, I am circling back around with comments but now I can't remember where I left off, LOL! So in case this is a repeat- CONGRATULATIONS Jeff!!!! You are doing great!!!!

  5. I don’t get this guy. Why is he sitting in this trash home that looks like a trailer when he could easily afford something that is motivating him to make a lot more with his business? No hate, I’m just curious and a little confused.

  6. I’m working my butt off and watch all your videos. You guys are the best! I just don’t get it. Seems unreachable. It’s almost a joke…..I’m at $50 a month. Still trying. I got acabado and like it a lot. I have a 4.5 hour daily commute to the job and I’m so done.

  7. Jeff's portfolio as discussed in the video:
    3:45newmiddleclassdad.com – 56k pagviews/month, $3000~/month – started before Project 24
    4:21kitchenappliancehq.com – 75k pageviews/month, $2500/month – 18 months old
    4:38hottubownerhq.com – 70k pageviews/month, $5000/month (best for affiliate) – 14 months old?
    – YouTube channel for hottubownerhq – n/a, $1500/month – 6 months old
    5:55 thegrocerystoreguy.com – 160k pageviews/month, >$6000/month, 12 months old

    7:41 "Make helping people number one and everything else will fall into line." Sound advice indeed. Cheers all!

  8. Is it possible to make 3000CAD a month from my blog in 6 months? I'm graduating uni April 2021, it's currently the end of Oct. I've written 6 articles so far. My plan is to write 150 articles before the end of 2020 and start promoting Jan 2021. It's a self help blog with lots of product affiliate.

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