How To Send Buyer Request On Fiverr & Get Orders Easily! (FULL FIVERR TUTORIAL!)

I’ll show you how to send buyer request on fiverr in this fiverr tutorial. We will send these fiverr buyer requests in such a way that we’ll get chosen over the other competing sellers who will also be sending the same buyer request at the same time that we are sending ours. All you need to do is just watch this video, learn what I have to teach you and then put it into work and you’ll get chosen in the fiverr buyer request section 90% of the times you do this.

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Knowing how to send the just perfect buyer request in fiverr is something that I really think anyone that’s looking to learn how to make money on fiverr should know, because I know from experience that if you know how to do the fiverr buyers request stuff the right way, you will never have to search for a video to show you how to get orders on fiverr because you will be getting enough orders to take your fiverr career to the next level.

Thanks for watching guys!


Below I equally attached a lot of resources that are actually talking and teaching about fiverr and making money doing it in 2020, so I’d recommend you go through them and actually learn more tricks and strategies as well…


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  1. Thanks so much for this Daniel, I will adopt this methodology of yours and am very certain that it will work for me too. I will get back to share testimonies lol

  2. I became Pro 2 weeks ago. In the first week or do I get orders for 1200$ a needed to reject some people coz I didn't had enought time
    Noe it's been 5 days and no order. I don't get it why?

  3. Hi bro, my fiverr account was blocked because of using multiple accounts.

    I want to open a new account, what are the necessary precautions to take before going ahead?

    Pls help, don't let me make d same mistake twice.

  4. When I send my buyer requests it shows as if there is no paragraph spaces, does the buyer see it with space or do they not, because it really kills my pitch and makes it look ugly.

  5. I thank you a lot. Simply described videos about the Fiverr service platform , beginners to advanced partitioners are benefited. I am also. I vary impress to do service in Fiverr. I want your advice. I know somehow about design. Please reply to me.

  6. Hey Daniel Good afternoon

    I'm Samuel

    I will be happy if you could "Hi" me on Whatsapp

    I've got somethings to discuss with you.

    This is my whatsapp number : 09058197939

    I DM you on facebook like a week ago but you didn't reply.

    Thanks in advance.

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