How To Get Orders On Fiverr Fast With Cold Emails [Freelancing Pro Series] Part 3

In this video, I will start with the main important part of this series, which is Promoting Your Gigs, I will show you How To Get Orders On Fiverr Fast With Cold Emails.

You, Will, Learn What is Cold Emails, Then I will show you how to send bulk cold emails to targeted people promoting your gigs and services, and I will give you some templates, and tips to help you start and get your first order on Fiverr.

This is part two of my new series “How to become a pro freelancer” and work online from home.
I will show you step by step starting from scratch how to start and where to start to become a freelancer, build your online business, and make money online.

I will show you everything, starting from creating a new Fiverr account, then publishing our gigs, promoting it, then getting your first orders.

Also, I will show you how to have your own freelancing website to work by your self from home without the need for any freelancing website.

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What’s Included:
Important Introduction 0:00
What are Cold Emails? 2:35
How To Start (Example) 3:44
Collecting Emails 5:05
How to Send Bulk Cold Emails 9:30
Cold Email Templates for freelancers 16:40
A/B Split Test 18:49

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  1. Hey bro.
    Your content is just awesome.
    I'm using your method from past 20 days but didn't get any client ☺️
    Can u help me or any other way to promote my gig ?

  2. Hi Hassan I believe you have the best video tutorials for people who wants to be in freelancing but I see you have less views. I may be able to help you reach through the Filipino viewers by adding filipino/tagalog subtitles in your videos.

  3. Hi, thanks for sharing such valuable information. I have a question, how can I send an email to different clients with their company name in the Templates. If we are sending bulk emails then it is possible to mention only one company name. I'm confused

  4. hey… i want to buy your "create a mail server on windows" for $35… but i have few questions…
    1. Will i be able to send bulk emails with windows mail server
    2. I want it to use your "email verifier" with port 25 open, that's the main reason why i want to buy it… need to verify tons of email can't go for debounce it will cost me much more….
    so will i be able to verify bulk emails with my "new" mail server… or it will need to be warmed up… as well even for just verification?..
    please reply soon

  5. Thx for the Gmass, Super Email tools, Your academy support, free templates and everything sir 😘😍, May Allah bless you forever πŸ’•

  6. Hi Hasan! Thanks for showing us the way to collect emails and send cold emails by using GMass and your own free tool super email sender. It is really high-class mentoring for free and can you please share how to collect prospective emails for promoting affiliate products by using the same method. Thanks a lot.πŸ™

  7. Dear Friend thank you very much for your knowledge sharing… All the contents are very helpful and i am working on creating long term consistent source of income. But I need your guidance and support for day to day survival as i am struggling to keep up my financial commitments. I tried survey sites, watching videos etc but could not make not even 2 dollars. I need atleast 50 dollars a day and I can dedicate full time please guide with real time earning potential from day1. It will be very very great ful thank you.

  8. Yes, that very true…May God bless him, and let's support him up to our level best. He is a very kind person, and I wish someday I could be like him upholding the people who are in chaos like I am today…!
    I can't help but I love him.

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