How I Made $1M from a Single Book [Why Tripwires Still Work!]

Most ‘experts’ will tell you that selling a low cost offer upfront is a great way to lose money. Here’s how I generated $1M in PROFIT from giving away a free book and selling a $7 product.

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Hi I’m Anthony Morrison and I’ve sold over $50M in courses by selling low cost products upfront to get people through my funnels. See, I believe that having more buyers = way more success.

Selling high ticket offers is great and may generate a few sales for you… But those few sales translate into only a few buyers in your database that can become recurring customers.

By selling low ticket offers you’ll be flooding your pipeline with actual customers (not just leads), who are ready to continue learning from you and taking the next step in their journey.

Watch the entire video to discover why I value and how I scale offers that are only $7.

Watch til the end and let me know in the comments if you’ve learned something, if you’d like to see more like this, and what you want me to talk about next!


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  1. Anthony – -the PWA program is Loaded with Value! As a Tripwire product, it is Ideal. And MY big takeaway is to not Sell things to people – (Higher priced items) until they are at the level of education where they are Ready, & can actually Use them. Your training leaves no stone unturned, & I really will be ecstatic when I make my First sale!

  2. Anthony, I completed the PWA program Aug 2019. And still to this day, I have made ZERO (0) dollars. I stopped using your program and now I would like to restart it to see if there will be a change today. What do I need to do to get back active in your program? I went through the entire 30 day sessions.

  3. I have watched several of your videos to day and got a lot of good information. I REALLY WANT TO BECOME AN AFFILIATE and work with you. I also watched Things to give up

  4. Great point and perspective from someone who has tested it probably countless times. Totally going to "funnel hack" this for my product 👍🏽😉 I am also just stating the PWA course and looking forward to getting more involved. Cheers!

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