Waking up at 5AM, Cold Showers & Building A Personal Brand – VLOG 002 | Making A Millionaire

I set myself a massive challenge this week – To wake up at 5am, have FREEZING cold showers and change up my morning routine. I also worked on my personal brand!

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  1. There are some studies showing that only in the morning actually hot shower is good to awake your body. But only on the morning. I always do like 2 minutes hot and for the rest of the shower : always as cold as possible 🙂

  2. The cold shower scenes cracked me up lol. Great video though Liam, I’m wanting to promote my passion in special effects makeup and I’ve been recently uploading more frequently to my YouTube channel, but your advice to just go for it and keep at it and the progress will gradually grow by the day has really inspired me. I’ve definitely seen your progression over time too, keep it up!

  3. Hi Man, Just a heads up drinking cold water means your blood vessels shrink, your digestion becomes restricted, and hydration is hindered. Instead of working to digest the food and absorb the nutrients to create energy, your body expends energy to regulate your temperature. This can lead to water loss. COLD SHOWERS are Good for you though. Hope this helps 👍😜

  4. see usually the guys like you do act this way because you did well for yourself see you have a big ass cluster thats due to the authority from being around so long and doing well. its good thing but bro im really here to open your eyes and simply say you can be 10x better and still you will not succeed because its mathematically impossible m8 if it were possible i bet u could do it man but they tricked you bro and i promise in another 5 or 10 years your gonna think to yourself wtf was i thinking i had the chance in front of me the whole time but they fucked me. either that or u will be blaming youerself wich is BULLSHIT. SOOOOO MANY OF US DESERVED IT BUT WERE DENIED. YOU HAVE BEEN DENIED. FUCK THEM LETS GET REVENGE AND TAKE WHAT WE DESERVE AWAY FROM THEM. im for real im not the enemy.

  5. Hey guys! I'm the one who got the coaching call with Liam this week that you guys see in the video! Liam has really inspired me with not just his call but his channel as well, and I've taken his advice and created my own. I would love if you guys subscribed to my channel as I begin my journey so that I can one day be in a position to help others as well like Liam! Thank you so much!

  6. Interesting vid 🙂 I wake up at 5am for my morning routine too, but also to fit in my priorities before kids wake up.

    It’s an interesting concept your channel. I completely agree adding value to others, and be sure to have a way to give back to others. The world is full of “motivational speakers” but truly when we give back to others through service and help that is when we change lives.

    Excited to see what you create 🙂

  7. Man I wish I knew how to make money online like you do. I’m sick of my 9 – 5. Hell you most likely make a lot more online every month than I do and don’t have to work 7 hours per day. Unfortunately for me you can’t really make money online unless you’re able to gain a big audience and convince them to buy a product. Either yours or someone else’s

  8. I have been waking up at 6 am daily, take luke-warm shower in morning, cold showers after excercise, don't know if it has all the health benefits they say it does, but definitely trains willpower. That water is freezing! Got a ton of other good habbits, but won't bore you with those.

  9. I remember you commenting on a video, saying how you were gonna try and become a millionaire, and how you had no idea how you were gonna do it.
    You have come a very long way👏🏾👏🏾

  10. rock on!! i started slamming down 2.5L of water per day and wow did things change!! Now im using an app that tracks calories to try to curb the habit of overeating… also started doing 1 hour of meditatio./book reading/tea drinking every morning before touching any internet connected devices. massive mind shift! wham bam! now hoping to get as many people following my journey as you have!! 💪😎👌

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