Today I update you all on what I’ve been up to, explain my risk-free plan for Retail Arbitrage and confess to something that’s not going as planned.
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  1. I thought you were joking about working 18 hours a day! I'm glad that you're getting more sleep now, 5 hours isn't healthy (and what are you going to do with a million dollars if you are in the hospital?) Also, I wanted to ask if you've ever heard of polyphasic sleep. I plan to try it out in a couple of years, but I think you are in the perfect position to test it in your life. Look it up, but it will help you with adding hours to your day while getting enough quality sleep.

  2. Great video I should say. That strategy only works for people who love their work. That is why I decided to choose Affiliate Marketing because I know that I enjoy doing it. Thank you for sharing this. My take on is doing what you love and make sure you share what you've learned.

  3. Congrats bro, I'm rooting for you. I made a rap song when I was 25 and said "gonna be a millionaire before I'm 30" unfortunately it didn't happen by 30….but it did happen 3 short years later at 33 🙂 better late than never right. I subbed and interested to see your climb.

  4. I highly encourage discontinuing working 18 hour days. That compound interest of stress takes a toll on people and makes them look much older than they are. That strategy only works for people who love their work, and it doesn't sound like match betting is your passion. So what I'm saying is, if you start thinking you won't reach your goal or if you literally don't, that doesn't mean you're a failure in any way, it just means you're human. You can't compare yourself to people like Gary V.

    But shit, if you can work 18 hour days and still be at least a moderately healthy individual, then fucking go for it.

  5. Good idea; sleep is very important — especially if you want to do this over 4 years — remember, consistency and sustainability is key… What good is it to work 18 hours in a day if the next day you're only able to work 4? I feel like getting at least 7-8 hours sleep (like you said) will help you keep this consistent in the long run.

    Also, just a question, will you still be spending any time with family/friends during this time? Just out of curiosity

  6. Ive found the same with my sleep, no doubt there are times when you need to do those 18 hour days but for the majority of the time I find it better to focus 100% for the 10 – 16 hours 'day' and consciously dedicate that 8 hours for sleep.

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