Motivational video about why you should quit your job TODAY!


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  1. I have just lost my Job and been sinking into depression as I have bills to pay rent etc. If I can make £100 a week I would be ok and it would be a start. I only have about £250 to play with so would you recommend starting with matched betting or affiliate marketing ? Ideally I need £300-£400 a week to pay the bills by myself

  2. This was a good edutainment video. Especially the part when Iiam speaks the truth again on how there's never going to be a perfect time before trying something new.

    Dream what you want to dream, go where you want to go, be what you want to be. Because you only have one life, and one chance to do all the things that you want to do.

  3. I remember the day that I quit my office job. It was the best feeling because I know that I will get to do what I want, what I love. When I learned about affiliate marketing I said to myself, I want to do this have my own business and be successful like others. And so, I worked hard didn't stop until I know that I am ready to do it on my own. Now I am here, teaching students, talking to clients about the wonders of Affiliate Marketing and I tell you I never worked a day in my life since then. Thank you for this video, Liam!

  4. Liam, i'd love to understand what you are doing with regards to matched betting. I know there are many plates you're probably spinning in order to reach your goal but as someone who specialises in matched betting, I want to reach out to see if we can help.

    Don't want to ruin your neutrality on the subject if that is what you are aiming for, but either way it would be good to have a chat. If you are interested drop me an email: james@headsandheads.co.uk

  5. Are you completely done with YouTube? I was enjoying watching your journey so far, and it'd be a shame if it had to end already. Don't let the haters phase you, they're assholes. Hopeful to see some more inspirational content 🙂

  6. A lot harder then it seems right? Try day-trading, if you are gambling might as well do that because its more consistent profits. Anyways, i'm not going to keep following you, no new videos and I can see the way you're trying to make a million dollars is not a good way anyways. Goodluck to you.

  7. Hello, I just saw a YouTube video that might be very useful for you. It's called "How I make $30,000/month on Amazon with no experience! " In the video he used an interesting way to search up what products to sell. Good Luck!

  8. Man, pretty tough crowd on the comments. I agree with you 100% other than the fact that the only people that should do this are those that can handle a good amount of uncertainty and stress and are willing to work without knowing if there will be a reward or not. Many people recommend people to leave their job and become an entrepreneur because its sexy to say but not many can pull it off, and for the rest of us than can pull it off, we need employees :)….keep the vids coming

  9. Hi , I'm not trying to hate or something. Just that I understand why you didn't post a video last week and all of that but after 2 weeks you put a video that is not even 4 min long and didn't say anything really what have you done in past 2WEEKS … You just put a motivation video about why should quit your job , it's millions of videos like these on YouTube … anyway a bit disappointed, since I was hoping this channel is going to be something different than other people, but it's just becoming one more motivational channel… all the best mate !

  10. Have you considered short + daily uploads? (1-2min Vlogs, No editing) Because these "once a week hype videos" are getting kinda boring for me personally. I wanna see your grind, your daily ups and downs, more updates, more numbers and so on. Just constructive criticism tho. Hope you understand me. I still like your idea and you are a cool dude… but your content doesn't fit your ambition/vibe

  11. Hey, I like the ambition. I want to see explicit numbers on your earnings on your own vs your old job plus the qualifications of your old job. many of the opportunities that can be afforded to those that have 9-5 make good use of leveraging loans or income to build capital. What makes your method unique?

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