I discuss the overlooked and underrated secret to becoming a millionaire and explain how I’m bringing in an extra £175 month for doing nothing.

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  1. Another good video demonstrating Liam's resourcefulness.

    That's right the whole secret that nobody wants to hear is spend less than you earn, and keep re-investing the difference.

    For regardless of what things cost, it eventually all adds up.

  2. Great insight into a more frugal and practical way of living. I actually found a Facebook group at my university called "free and for sale." It's amazing what people are willing to give out for free.

  3. Bravo!!! The money that you are saving on the rent is good but whats even more valuable is the fact that you are willing to make that sacrifice. That's why most people wont accomplish what you soon will. Keep it up

  4. If you saved $200 a month =$2,400/year. It would take you 416.6 years to make $1million just from saving alone. Obviously you have more income but can you see how saving won't make you rich. I want to know how you will actually generate income instead of the saving only part.

  5. A good way to save money on food is to clock when you local supermarket like Tescos or Sainsbury's do their reduced item stuff… Start popping in at that time, go straight to the reduced section and you can get loads of meat and other stuff for a steal, then just freeze it… Don't get distracted by all the other munch and spend unnecessarily though!

  6. Happy To share with you, I was just a Public Speaker who actually was down financially until I tried Binary Trading which I was totally scammed and I gave up but I met a Man of Faith who bet his Life that if i Iose any trade that he will kill himself oh oh oh (sounded like Joke) but oh yes I never lost a trade though he managed my Account I got Richer daily up till now 12,456 US Dollars Contact him now because he is

  7. one mentality trap that I really hope you don't fall into is that happiness will only be achieved once you are a millionaire! happiness can be achieved now, and happiness should be a critical aspect of the journey and the entire process. If you see it this way, you have already "made it" but you are just grinding a goal which can feel very satisfying. but it is important to remember that happiness can be achieved regardless of the numerical amount in a bank account. What do you think about this?

  8. Great thoughts here…

    I'm excited to see the video where you explain more in detail the ways of making money you spoke about on the first video.

    I also want to get rich, so I am starting to:
    -sell things through eBay
    -buying stuff from China via Alibaba, adding a logo to them and selling them more
    -I am saving to start my own clothing company (will make videos about it and create a Youtube channel).

    Any more ideas mate? Keep the good work up!!!

    PD: I am on the notifications of your videos now 😀

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