Crushing My Goals & Leaving Bali – VLOG 006 | Making A Millionaire

In this weeks VLOG I crush my 2018 goals, get to the top of the Builderall affiliate leaderboard and LEAVE Bali…for good!

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  1. This what I needed to be more goal-oriented and reaching my success. Being an affiliate marketer, my goals are to help other people to get commissions and bonuses. Let them know how great the affiliate marketing world is. It is just a great feeling of fulfillment every time I see them succeed on their own. Thank you, Liam, for reminding us to just go on, believe and keep crushing it!

  2. Hi Making a Millionaire i took ur advice from a lot if ur videos and im only 12 years old and i decided to make a gaming yt channel Gaming With Gilo i would like to get a bit of support cuz i put a lot of effort on the vidris like most ppl

  3. Hi Liam , you have inspired me so much. I remember when I used to drive to work everyday I listened your videos since 2017. Last month I decided to quit my Job at Tesla. I have saved enough money to cover my bills for 6 months. I have started my own business now I’m bringing in 2X more than my previous job at Tesla. Thank you so much for all of the FREE content you put out there.

    Now I’m taking my own challenge where I will be starting from $0 I’m literally going homeless. Yes, you heard that right I will be in the streets with only 2 pair of clothes, state ID & my cell phone. I will be recording my journey through my cell phone and share it with the world that I will be making $1,000,000 starting from $0

  4. Hey man, good to know you survived the earthquake! Your family must so relieved. Btw I will be joining your team today. Look out for the name Sam Abdul. Looking forward to working with you. Peace ✌🏿

  5. How are you doing that? I finally got my first sale but, I have issues getting people to pay. It's so frustrating, I have tried to do so many things and at the moment I don't have money to spent on ads.

  6. very sceptical about this but that's not necessarily a bad thing. your videos are very entertaining and very inspirational and the fact you are from Manchester is a bonus! keep it up and i may see you on the other side after a bit more research because affiliate marketing is something i have been interested in since the start of the year.

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