This surprised me in American homes

When I moved to California, I noticed that all the houses here are built of wood and cardboard. I decided to find out why this is so. There are several reasons for this, which I will cover in this video.



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  1. As an american, im realizing just how silly our whole society is. I dont want to leave because my patriotic nature makes me not want to leave but at the same time, this whole country is backwards and messed up. The economy, growing gangs (thanks to the rap and hip hop community), widespread drug use and homelessness, expensive healthcare, corruption in law enforcement, even the elections are rigged – and no im not supporting trump or saying that just because he lost. Im saying it because ever since bill clinton was in office, the two main parties have just been taking turns. Every president elected since Bill Clinton, democrat, republican, democrat, republican, d, r, d, r….they just go back and forth. They're taking turns and have been for a long time. Look it up. Look up the list of presidents and what parties they are in. It used to be a normal and randomized list…then bill clinton got in office and ever since then, the two parties have consistently been taking turns back and forth. None of it makes sense. This whole country makes no sense anymore. We all need JESUS ❤

  2. Homes built in USA- It's based on a few things. Primarily the Region of the USA and which materials were traditionally available. Traditionally In the south east we used brick and wood (pine, oak, and hardwood and granite and red clay for brick is plentiful). In the northeast and parts of the Upper Midwest/Ohio valley there was a lot of limestone and rock quarries. So just depends on the region…California does not equal the entire USA

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