First thoughts after leaving San Francisco and selling old things

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Video was filmed in this location (Topanga):

Welcome to our new lifestyle! This is our first time living in a house. I want to talk to you about our new life, how I plan things, how I film my videos, how I work on my businesses and just to show you what my average day looks like and how we manage to travel with a baby.

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Time codes:
0:00 Why we have never lived in a house before
1:19 How I manage my work
3:41 How to sell things you don’t need fast
5:56 Where we work and live now
9:32 Exciting news
10:57 My investment results

Videographer: Oleg Shevchyshyn (

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  1. Hi Marina, very nice and cozy house <3 Please, make a video how you decide to invest, which platform you are using, strategy wich you follow and etc. I think it will be very useful one, thanks!

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