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  1. Question: what was the notebook you were writing on because I am trying to learn English and I am interested in buying that notebook for writing and reading lyrics of songs.😊

  2. Warning, DNA info is not protected at all by companies or HIPPA law in the US. Not only can the DNA companies sell it, they ALL do. And employers can buy that info and choose not to hire you based on it. If your DNA shows you're a minority, or shows a health condition, it shows something spmething an employer might use to discriminate, this is probably a danger to you. (Race & disability is protected against discrimination but you can still be discriminated against as employers are bad at following labor laws.) Also stalkers buying your DNA can better hunt you down. If you do protests this is also a risk to your safety.

  3. As a Biologist I must say these tests are BS. They are selling you associations and probabilities as facts, potentially endangering you in the meanwhile. The National Healthcare System in the UK had to run a bunch of proper genetic testing to people who took these test and got a positive for the breast cancer gene. Spoiler alert, they weren’t positive, the tests were wrong, cause they ARENT diagnostic. So don’t wast your hard earned cash, Marina has enough money already cause she is genetically SO good with languages.

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