8 Profitable Business Ideas for the post-pandemic world

In this video, we’re going to talk about business ideas for the post-pandemic world.
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Yes, we’re still in the pandemic, there is still a lockdown in some countries, but we are getting out of it with a new mindset. For a lot of people, this was a life-changing moment when they realized they can help the world live better lives and start new businesses. This is why in January 2021 half a million new businesses were started in the US (source: https://www.salesforce.com/resources/guides/pandemic-new-entrepreneurs/)

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00:00 Business ideas for the post-pandemic world
The worldwide increase in new business creation during the pandemic: https://www.uhy.com/author/evelyn/
01:16 Anti-covid meals and supplements
02:17 Recycling masks
02:57 Collaborate with your team using Monday Workdocs
04:45 Wearable device data analytics
05:42 Online pet training
06:17 Cohort-based courses
Platforms I mentioned:
08:18 A chain of bars for online dining
10:25 Hosting outdoor events
11:23 Virtual tours

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  1. What is your advise for other overly ambitious opportunists? You don't want them to end up like Elizabeth Holmes. So far a very inspirational video for little sociopaths lol… i.e. Yea guy we are heading into a Black Mirror but don't you wanna be a successful bastard freak in it, instead of changing it… To be honest you're all over the place. Success is creepy in this new era. it's psychiatric..You're telling people to go out of their way to be successful for what? to fall off the cliff? This is like tutorial for people who are high on meth. Explain your source if income maybe, so people are clear how you started or what exactly do you do to sustain your life? or who pays you to play all these business fun. Or who invested in your beyond useless projects that without all that questionable would bener see the light of day.. Came back to earth kid, to American earth. Get rid of your other citizenships for starters to be more legit. Just live in the US like the rest of us. Americans don't lieve like you, don't have goals like you, can't afford all these businesses unless they are on drug and have inheritance to burn overnight… Try to be more realistic, so far you are not. On all of your platforms. Talk about being a mother maybe.. Be yourself and not some outdated expired scam.. The quality of life in the Bay area is on par with the 3rd world. It's not even a goal for Americans.

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