The ONE THING Bloggers Do That Makes Them Fail

I have worked with hundreds of bloggers personally on their sites. While there are a lot of things that can prevent you, as a blogger, from reaching the success you aspire to, there’s one critical mistake that I see more often than any other. Learn how to avoid it in this video.

00:00 – The one mistake most bloggers make
01:10 – Getting stuff off your chest
01:22 – The three questions of marketing and SEO
02:10 – Bob’s Blog example
04:10 – My big mistake
05:47 – Asking the right questions to write the right content
06:35 – Our model for search analysis, finding the biggest audience
07:25 – Getting valuable information to your readers
09:37 – Speaking the right language
10:59 – Avoid the mistake by learning from my experience

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  1. Hi Ricky and Jim! I usually never comment on Youtube videos. However, I just HAD to share this with you and thank you from the bottom of my heart.
    For many years have I tried getting an online business off the ground. And I've never been successful. Partly because I quit too soon and partly because I wasn't aligned with the content I was creating. I've had around 8000 subscribers on old Youtube channels in the past. I published a book at the end of 2019 which sold 200+ copies so far. But in early 2020 I quit.

    After feeling stuck at my day job (again) and doing way too many extra hours, earning money for someone else I started my search again. And that's when I found Income School. I did not have enough money to purchase Project24, but funny enough my first attempts in the online world were related to creating a blog, using SBI back in the day.

    Now, since I have some experience with Youtube, and I speak fluent English and Spanish, I decided to create two Youtube channels and a bilingual blog around a topic I became an expert in over the years (and wrote my book about). I write 2 posts every week, which comes down to 2 posts in English, 2 in Spanish, and 2 videos in English, and 2 in Spanish. The Youtube channels are growing painfully slow at the moment (what's up with all those useless recommendations in the last few months?!). BUT, the blog has been growing month over month. Currently, with a total of 54 posts and just a few days over the 3 months mark, I am already seeing 444 pageviews in the last 30 days. While, according to the timeline you've set out on your website, I am supposed to be getting anywhere between 50-100 pageviews at this stage.

    I saw some posts being shared on facebook recently, which brought in some traffic. And on top of that, I sold two copies of my book (I believe I didn't sell any this entire year yet!). I know there is still a lot of work to do but the start is so encouraging that I felt I just had to comment and let you know! Before even creating my first piece of content I committed to creating 2 pieces of content (which in reality is 4 due to the two languages) per week until the end of the year. Thanks to you and the information you are putting out for free I regained my motivation and am fully committed to make this work sooner than later.

    So, thank you for the inspiration, thank you for the motivation, and hopefully, at some point, I can join Project24 to share the details with you and get some insights on what you think of bilingual blogs and some feedback from the community to continue improving. (BTW; I hope you get to read this!😀🙏)

  2. Hi Jim and Ricky I always watch your videos, amazing content btw, hoping on becoming a p24 member soon.

    I want to start a blog in the yoga niche, do you think it's a good and profitable niche ?

  3. P24 Member here: Question on interlinking – If I have a blog post driving traffic at the top of the pyramid and months later decide to add interlinking as I build my volume of blog posts do I run the chance of losing ranking on the original post by editing and adding to it? Should I rather add sidebar pics with links to other posts on my site so I can keep that original blog post content unchanged to avoid potentially losing ranking by modifying?

  4. Guys this channel has helped me tremendously, I have created my own blog, and written concistenly for a few months, and I am sure I am not making any of this mistakes, thanks for you work.

  5. Hi,
    I googled this question before, but I didn't find any answers.
    Do you (or someone from this community) know, if there are differences between (english) and Google from other countries with different languages? I think the algorithm for other languages (in my case german) is not as smart as the english algorithm?

  6. P24 member here. If anyone here feels like they’re burning out from strictly writing blog content based on what others are searching for, know that it pays off. I find myself feeling this way at times despite my immense love for my topic. So, one thing I do to combat this is when I’m feeling worn down from writing search-based content is to write a response post-length (1,500 words) on whatever I want within my niche. I usually do this about every 25 blog posts or so with no intent on having it rank or bring in traffic, but just because it helps “recharge my batteries” and I can bang it out super quick. It just helps to break the cycle of using lots of energy to write on topics that I’m not quite as interested in but know that people are searching for. Above all else, keep grinding! Just had my best month yet for organic traffic!

  7. If I write about a particular place, what name should I target for url and title?

    The name by what the place is known in that area ?


    By the Normal English name?

    For example:

    Indonesia has a place name : Coban Rais dan batu flower garden

    Normal English name : Coban Rais and The stone Flower Garden

    Should I target that (indonesian) keyword or English one?

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