I Regret My Last Video

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  1. Ego responses are less intense if there is constructive criticism. "Your voice tone needs more strength to it, you do not sound like someone I could take seriously" is constructive criticism, "You are not meant for online business, you will be better off by going back to school" is not. I did not choose obvious examples on purpose to show you the subtlety of this. If I say that my goal is to get X, constructive criticism shows me how to get there and does not try to convince me to give up on my goal.

  2. Your humility and willingness to be honest and put yourself out there is the whole reason I subscribed to Project 24 last week. Your sincerity shines through and is so refreshing. I know you will turn these lemons into lemonade. Thank you for being a blessing to those around you!

  3. Wrote over a hundred blog posts on an apparently good niche, am not earning anything, and get less then a thousand pageviews a month, i did try to follow most of the things that you guys told about on this channel and have watched nearly all of your videos over and over again, one last shot at blogging would be writing a thousand blogposts in a niche and see if that works. I sincerely wish it works, but it apparently isn't as easy as you guys make it sound at least not for me, anyways still thank you for all the content i guess

  4. For me it's not the feedback, I can take criticism, it's the sheer overwhelm that I deal with. From the technical aspect of getting WordPress, Ezoic, and other applications working correctly, to writing with such proficiency and SEO effectiveness, I am not sure how to manage it all. At this point, I just strive to publish videos and blog posts to get the experience. I am so afraid of just giving up because of the enormity of what you have to do to make any headway. I simply concentrate on writing and producing videos that get my message out as best I can. I figure I will be doing this for at least a year until I am good enough to move on to the more lucrative aspects of this industry. I am blessed in that I have investment dollars to work with companies like NWB while building my own sites and learning from the process.

  5. I totally had this happen because my target answers was "5* characters too long. I was really put out about that. But now that a few days have gone by I realize that 5 characters means the algorithm may dismiss my answer target. Totally stung but totally something I need to take as constructive criticism and then move on with a lesson learned.

  6. I recently learned this the hard way too.

    A "digital online" conversation went from 0 (Good) to 100 (Very BAD) in like 1 second. With ONE comment I made.

    Doing what you said, which is to take a step back, and look at it from a "constructive, non-emotional" point of view made me realize that I can see why the person flipped out in a very negative, not nice way.

    My comment was taken one way. Yet, I completely meant it to be taken a totally different way.

    I could have done some things differently for sure, and will be sure to implement going forward.

    But there were also some underlying issues that my comment really triggered. That I would have never known or expected. And may not even be my fault…

    So when this happens, you do what you can which is to be open to constructive feedback and shield yourself from taking it personally.

    See what you can learn from it and then "move on, move forward!". #truth

    The digital platform enables everyone to have a voice, without showing their face, which enables statements to be said which may or may not be true.

    Fortunately for you, you get to decide what is true or not 🙂

    Here's to thinking like an entrepreneur and building million-dollar businesses! #BOOM!

    + Super super video! Thanks for putting this out there and being vulnerable on camera! This is much harder than it appears on camera 🙂

  7. I really loved your content even I did not know how affiliate site work but after following you I am confident to build a site which will receive 30k page view per month 🙏🙏🙏thanks you so much ❤️

  8. Guys. We live in a world where people are far too sensitive. You give your advice and guidance freely. Sadly there are too many people who take things personally and who have never heard the word 'no' or the words ' you've made a mistake'. It's a lack of maturity when they react badly and the bottom line is that they should not ask for help if they cannot deal with the response. Keep churning out the videos they are helpful.

  9. Ricky – I didn't mean to make you feel bad. I was trying to give you constructive Criticism – – I appreciate that you figured out that what you were showing wasn't ' quiet ' right – BUT the numbers that ACTUALLY SHOWED UP ! That was amazing. I came to this YT Channel because of suggestion, but stay because of things like this video – and know that when I get the time I will be able to pull in a full time income plus – all because I watched and listened and tried to go beyond what is said every day – YOU GUYS ROCK and I love this channel. Keep up the GREAT Job !

  10. Great Videos Guys! In my niche I think I’ve found a small gold mine. To explain it without giving the goldmine away, I’ll use the following example. I could write an article called ‘How to clean a paint brush of paint’, but from my research it seems I could write ‘How to clean a paintbrush of red paint’, ‘How to clean a paintbrush of blue paint’, ‘how to clean a paintbrush of white paint’ etc. Each of the searches produces different results. Would you write articles for each (not copy and paste the same article) or would Google object? Help appreciated

  11. Score Card for Ricky
    – Awesome useful free content 175,940,132,825
    – Content that was slightly off the mark 000,000,000,001
    Don’t stress big fella, not worth loosing sleep over

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