Testing How Accurate Keyword Research Tools Are

Some keyword research tools tend to be the go-to source for bloggers who are trying to decide what content to write. But how accurate are keyword research tools?

In this video we share the results of our thorough look into the accuracy of keyword research tools.

Tools from this video:
AHRefs: https://ahrefs.com/
SEMRush: https://shareasale.com/r.cfm?b=1680454&u=1081151&m=97231&urllink=&afftrack= (affiliate link: includes 14-day free Pro trial)
Moz: https://moz.com/

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  1. I'd like to acknowledge that I did misspeak in this video. My study doesn't prove that search volume numbers are inaccurate. The intent was to show that they are not a good indicator of potential organic traffic to your blog. However, that's not what I actually said in the video.

    So stay tuned for our next video. I'm going to eat some crow! (figuratively only, I hope)

  2. Bro, Google keywords tool is not reflecting the wrong data.
    Infact you searched the keyword – Datnoid Care there.

    Have you noticed, only keyword – DATNOID also shows the article with datnoid care topic in top 10 searches?

  3. For my last article, I didn't use the keywords tool I usually use and used the techniques you guys talk about in your videos, and my article got indexed in 26 hours!!! That's a new record for me.

  4. I wanna point something out that isn’t addressed in the video and maybe you guys can answer it. You guys do not address that the keywords show is the ONLY search term bringing in traffic. You say datnoid care has no searches in these tools and you get a sizable amount of traffic to those pages BUT I like the website up in Ahrefs and you rank for tons of keywords related to datnoid care including number 1 for datnoid which is a 600 a month term.

    So how many searches does those pages actually get from that specific keyword?

  5. According to kwfinder, your article ranks number 1 for "datnoid". Which is a low competition keyword with difficulty of 15. It has 2000 search volume with approximately 900 monthly visits. I think you rank for much more than the targeted keyword. Search volume may actually be close to accurate as indicated by the tools

  6. Video couldn't have come at a better time, I was about to unsubscribe to a tool I am using and they offered me a lifetime offer which was hard to resist, I was about to accept it but thanks to your advice, realized no use accepting their offer. Tks

  7. Please show us the Google Search Console(GSC) impressions and clicks. This process is ok but comparing the GSC would be more interesting and most people understand that keyword tools are good for quickly estimating volume.

  8. Ahrefs “traffic” column is so much better than the “volume”. It still typically is 2-4 times better in real life than what it says but it’s crazy how accurate it is on the whole with that. There are anomalies but even for the keywords you share here it’s pretty much 4x what the traffic column suggests.

    Also tracking your keywords is great and too much to explain about back links

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