I Paid For Investor’s $297 Youtube Course & It’s TRASH – Investor Course Review

I bought that $297 youtube course that investor who is also the owner of investor plus, and goes by the name dave nick investor or dejan made and this is my review of investor dave nick’s unique youtube method from dave nick and I’ll explain how trash investor’s make money online, youtube channel’s investor yt method course is… so that you won’t waste your money…

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  1. I see everyone one of you say tnxs for review about investor but did you every things on his video is not fake try figuy it out by your self you all of you need 1k per day but did you know that you have to be patient and work so hard to get that's money my advice for you is to work hard and be patient

  2. i mean you are doing the same stuff as him doing all the fake how i making this amount of $$$ with this website or whatever website which you do not do yourself like all the other fake gurus kevin david trying to game the youtube algorithm to get a higher cpm from ads 😂 why do you expect people to trust what you have to say ?

  3. U know?🤔… The minute i saw that he changed his name recently to a Pen Name, (The name he uses now is not his real name) i felt somethings fishy. It means he doesnt want to put his real name out there. Why would that BE?!🤨 If u are legit, and u are proud of what u do, u WANT your name out there and u would have no problem people knowing your real name.

  4. Thanks daniel for this revelation , please i want to ask if you could check out the cpa delight course by earn money delight channel , it costs $50 but says it has a bonus of Jeremy Cash's course ,
    Please help us validate this course bro if you can 👍👍👍.Thanks

  5. I bought his course last year and you right is a bunch of nonsense and has no value, I guess we lose money and learn. When it comes to buying subscribers kingviews is a website you can trust I brought 1000 subs for another channel and it was delivered in 48 hours. I won't buy views it doesn't help ever and I just buy 1000 subs to boost a new channel there after everything is organic.

  6. Daniel please i wan to address something this grow YouTube of a thing is real because i do that for people that is another way that i get small small money from, and how i make money from it is when someone gives me $100, i will go to the place that i always do that, and i will spend $50, for the person and take $50, that person will have like 2 to 3k views on the the particular YouTube video that he or she want it on it only takes 4days if the person wants subscribers i can also do that but the money is more higher

  7. Haha I bought a monetize channel for 14$ from facebook groups from Pakistan easy guys do your own research . First they will ask for 150 $ but they will sell the channel for 15$ guys I have bought multiple channels

  8. OMG..!
    Daniel Umeh, really love you..
    Thanks for the info,
    That's why I love watching 👍 ur updated video,.. God bless you Umeh… My problem is, which platform should I use to make money online, boss

  9. I mistakingly Stumbled On Dan’s Channel And ever since then I got more Value and even understand more of the process i’m supposed to have followed right from onset. He’s 🔥 I love you bro keep Up the good work 👍🏼, years back I’ve watch so many investors videos which always seem possible but never earn anything cos now I understand WHY. Guys if you really wanna learn for real Subscribe and support this dude with likes it’s not easy man. God bless 🙏

  10. I agree 100% that investor is a scammer but For liam james kay he is a good guy and expert affiliate marketer recently he did an amazing challenge about how to make money from $0 and it was amazing
    I think it's time to do this challenge Daniel because it is hard to start with nothing and we want your methods 😕 Who agree with me?

  11. i love this daniel like crazy, i have being watching his YouTube channel for a very long time i still haven't being able to make any money i just need face to face help some one that can hold my hands and show me what to do at the right time, and qam so fucking interested on this online money making of a thing i really need help

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