6 Reasons You Still Aren’t Ranking: The Cold, Hard Truth

6 Reasons You Still Aren’t Ranking. The Cold, Hard Truth. | When people tell me they’ve been doing SEO for six months and a year and they’re not getting results, the algorithms, sure they’ve changed. That doesn’t mean you can’t get more traffic. I’m getting more search traffic now with these harder algorithms than I was before, when the algorithms were easy. Today, I’m going to break down six reasons you’re still not ranking.

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Crazy Egg – www.crazyegg.com

Reason #1: You’re not doing well when it comes to your search rankings is you’re not consistent. Let me tell you a quick story.

My old blog, I no longer own it, Quick Sprout, I used to publish an article every single week.

One day, I was just like, I’m tired of blogging. I’m going to stop for a month. Not only did my traffic dip for 30%, it took me more than three months to recover that traffic. In other words, if you’re not consistent, you’re not going to continually do well.

You need to keep creating more content, creating more tools, continue participating on the social web.

So, if you continually do it, you can do well.

Reason #2: You’re tactical and not strategic.

Stop looking for the next trick or the next gimmick. Focus on the fundamentals, the core strategy.

You can use Ubersuggest for this. You type in a keyword, it’ll show you all the other popular terms. It’ll even have a Content Ideas report that shows you what blog posts are popular and which ones aren’t.

See which of them are competitive in your niche, which ones aren’t, right?

In Ubersuggest, it shows you how hard these terms are to rank for and which ones aren’t, and it’ll even show you the content that you can write to rank for those non-competitive terms that still get good traffic.

Then, you want to internal link your content together. That way, if one person reads one piece of content and it’s related to another piece of content you already wrote, it should be linked together.

Whenever it’s relevant and best for the user, add the internal links. You see what’s working, you double down on it. You see what’s not working, you don’t double down on that.

Reason #3: Your content is sucks. Once a month, look at your Google Analytics. Look at the pieces that are underperforming. Look at the dwell time, this is critical.

Again, look at the Content Ideas report in Ubersuggest. Most people just use it to see what’s hot and they copy that. But what I would recommend is also looking at what’s not popular.

You also want to use tools like Crazy Egg to see heat maps on your report. How are people interacting with your content? Where are they dropping off? Where do they scroll until? It’ll tell you in your writing where you suck.

According to Moz, over 20% of the content that ranks is video-based content.

Reason #4: You don’t do well is you don’t focus enough on building links. And when you build links, you’re building the wrong kind of links.

Everyone’s focusing on quantity. It’s not about quantity, it’s not about building more backlinks to your competitors.

There’s a site and this site’s called Penny Hoarder, and they have less links than a lot of their competitors, but yet, they do way better. Why, their content’s better in quality, their lead quality is way better, they’re focusing in getting links from the right sites.

The Ubersuggest Backlinks report will show you this.

Even if you email 100 people and you only get 10 links or five links, that’s okay. You do that once a week, you’ll pick up a lot of links.

Reason #5: You’re choosing a space that is too competitive. Narrow down, pick a niche.

Usually, if the cost-per-click data is higher, that means that the keyword’s more valuable. If it’s lower, it’s less valuable.

Reason #: You’re thinking of keywords. You’re not thinking about readers or real people.

When you do a Google search, what are you doing? You’re trying to find a solution to your problem. You just don’t type something into Google for the sake of it. You’re typing because you have a problem, and that’s the key.

But, if you’re explaining to people what really makes sense, you’re helping them achieve their goals.

That’s how you succeed. If you follow those tips, you’ll start ranking on Google. You don’t need all the time in the world. You just need to follow those tips.

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  1. 1 year …you are an influencer so you will do well and you probably have a team. But I know I am not consistent blogging. I think my content is getting better. I can't even afford your tools though because I have not sold anything all year. Google says my content is poor do won't link AdSense. Yoast says my seo is good. I get good comments from readers. So I started a new website. I'm more passionate about it but still get burned out trying to get noticed.

  2. I have a new website for 1-month-old. I got 118 clicks from google for 54 k impression with CRT 0.2 and avg position 10.9. I am not sure if I am going in the right direction or wrong since so huge impressions and so fewer clicks . Will google reject me if it keeps this way or I should work on it? Because right now I am only working on the content not link buildings etc much

  3. I've been in the game for less than a year. Been following your vids, focusing on the ones talking about keyword research and using Ubersuggest, and increased CTR on paid search by 345%.
    Why do I feel like those that complain have been in the game longer…

  4. Getting started with a new site and a new focus! Thank you for all the great content. As I'm just starting out again, you're one of my main guys for training on seo, content, and all things digital. Thank you!

  5. I created a facebook page sometime ago. The page grows everyday, and now on 7000+ likes. Recently I developed a website for the page where I put content. However, when I share webs links on the FB page I get very low click through rate compared to when I write stuff on the FB page. How can I pull the FB followers to my website?

    Thank you in advance.

  6. Thank you so much for doing these educational videos. It always adds constant value 🙂 I have just started watching your videos and will continue to do so in the time to come.

    I have question: What would be the best way to rank for a particular low competition keyword with monthly searches in the 1K-10K range? My site is 2 years old.

  7. I am bit confused to learn SEO, The consistency is the problem every day new things are in the market. it is really difficult to start affiliate marketing in 2019 , i am just trying to check out.

  8. Hello Neil, I would like to make you a question about content. I'm comic drawer and I would like to sell my own work. By the other way I search keywords and there's lot of people searching how to learn draw comics. That's so interesting because I think I could help so much people making guides. But I'm worried because the audience is different and I really want to sell my own comic. The question is: it's better to focus on selling my work or it's a good strategy to create a web where I sell comics and also teach? Thank you for all your content, it's fantastic, I feel more motivated since I see your videos!!

  9. i have my website for 2 years but no one keyword on google show my web on page one (except my domain name keyword) even on long tail keyword. i try to learn from my competitor they have much backlink than me. i assume need good backlink for push rank on google.

  10. I love weightlifting and fitness and know it's almost impossible for me to rank due to the saturation. I niche down to just home gyms and created my domain project home gym but I struggle to come up with 30 good topics that don't lead back to work out programs or weight loss tips. Any suggestions on improving my tactics would be appreciated sir

  11. I´m not sure the algorithms are becoming "harder", they´re becoming smarter in order to provide a better user experience. Maybe they´re "harder" to get results to black hat SEO, but not to do SEO in a proper way.

    Thanks Neil!

  12. thanks a lot for your high quality advice and tipps Neil. I am quite new in SEO. One question remains: one of my customers has close to 18,000 backlinks but almost no traffic, how is hat possible?

  13. Hi Neil. Great video that really brings you back to the basics. It's the same mantra that Matt Cutts shared before he left Google. People first, then everything after. I've been doing a SEO for 15 years. It has been one wild and crazy ride.

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