Build Your Funnel For Free – Beginner to Expert (ClickFunnels Alternative)

Build your sales funnel free using this free tool. Stop trying to build fancy funnels in expensive page builders and use this solution instead. You’ll be able to have a fully functional funnel up in a single afternoon without spending a dime.

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Table of Contents:
0:00 – Intro
0:48 – Funnel Structure
1:19 – Lead Magnet
2:37 – Squeeze Page
4:22 – Step by Step Tutorial
14:51 – Rapport Sequence
21:07 – Broadcast
22:22 – Sales Page
23:59 – Step by Step Tutorial
30:06 – Shopping Cart
34:20 – Product Delivery
36:29 – Outro

Build Your Funnel For Free – Beginner to Expert (ClickFunnels Alternative)

Want to build a free sales funnel to sell your product and get leads online?

In this free sales funnel tutorial, you’re going to learn how to build a sales funnel that is fully functional without spending a dime on the software. We’re going to be using a hundred percent free sales funnel software – NO 14 or 30 day trials!

For this particular funnel, we’re going to be using a free sales funnel builder called MailerLite. Another good thing about MailerLite is that they have a wide range of sales funnel templates

In simple terms, a sales funnel is the strategic process of transforming a stranger into a customer by building rapport, trust, and authority.

Your sales funnel design determines the success of your business and it is one way to get customers online. Likewise, your sales funnel strategy is important because it is one way on how to generate leads which would then help you grow your online business.

There are a lot of free sales funnel tools out there that talk about advanced features that at the end of the day just really don’t matter! That’s why when it comes to choosing your sales funnel software, you really don’t need anything fancy.

In this sales funnel tutorial 2020, we’re going to be going through three phases of building a sales funnel: Attract, Convert, and Transform. With this free sales funnel video, you’ll realize how a marketing sales funnel can help you with your lead generation.

In this video of how to create a sales funnel, we’re going to skip the traffic part and jump right in to Attract. Here, you’re going to attract customers where you actually get people to your sales funnel. First, we’re going to create a squeeze page that offers something like a lead magnet, and we’re going to send 5-7 emails to hopefully turn most of your new email subscribers into customers.

Out of all the sales funnel stages we’re going to go through, the lead magnet is going to be the most important when you’re getting started. Because after all, without a good lead magnet you’re not going to have email subscribers and when there’s no email subscribers there’s no one to email and so on. Remember, when it comes to your lead magnet, what is important is it is actually VALUABLE!

I hope that through this free sales funnel you learned how to build a sales funnel from scratch with free tools so you can quickly get conversions and sales.
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  1. Thank you Jason. I joined Mailerlite from watching your videos. Quick question…does the video in the landing page pay directly when a client has access to the page and is their a preference from the 3 provided (Y/tube, Vimeo, Wistia). Thank you

  2. Hi Jason. Thx so much for all your hard work. The issue I'm having is what's on your video differs a bit from what's on my screen (perhaps it's because I'm using the free account at the moment). E.G. I don't have an option in the free version to copy/paste my landing page URL which I need to add to the automation emails. Any ideas?

  3. Jason Great Video. Can you do Upsell on this free subscription on MailerLite? In the end of my Shopping Cart, I want to sell a small product, then a medium and finally a big product. Can I sell 3 services in Shopping Cart using this free member for my Sales Funnel Process?

  4. Hey Jason! Love your videos, keep up the awesome work!
    Quick question:
    – My lead magnet is a personalized audit report on the lead's webpage, ie, each lead will receive its own individual lead magnet.
    – What's your best advice on how to set up the 1st rapport sequence email – individual email / lead magnet for each lead?
    – That is, how would you design the sequence automation including a "manual" 1st email?
    Thanks a lot!

  5. Hello Jason, love your videos, I have learned lots from them. Quick question… ( perhaps it will lead you into making a video about it) I would like to learn from your experience, which method is best to apply to the squeeze pages as CTA, to route them via obtaining their email address?, or their Mobile number via Whatsapp, so then I begin the follow up with the lead accordingly.
    I can see the usages of both, depending on the product or service offered, but your input in the matter will be very much appreciated and most valued by me.
    Please let me know
    MX City
    CAN, Tor,ON

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