Apply Any Course, Book, Or Experience Through "Knowledge Stacking" (Brain Hack)

Are all the hours spent reading books, taking courses, and listening to podcasts a waste of time? Or is there a way to utilize all of this knowledge to grow your business? My hope is that today’s episode will help you think DIFFERENTLY about the knowledge you’re consuming.

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  1. Hi Anthony! Amazing! Yet another awesome, bizarre and eerily timely video training from you, my most revered and respected mentor, teacher and life coach. Honestly, you are so much like what I have been experiencing lately with what I think is called the Facebook / YouTube algorithm, and that is, just when I think something, all of a sudden, low and behold, you are looking at me from my computer screen, talking about and explaining my thoughts to me! Seriously, you are so blowing my mind lately almost on a daily basis!

  2. Awesome! You opened the door and rethink my degree,occupation for 45 years, and so many pursuits. Now that you have brought the experiences to my cerebellum I’ll be selecting. Thanks Anthony! It’s my first week and I haven’t received my course material yet, but these videos are certainly eye opening.

  3. Thank you Anthony…. I have purchased a few of your programs now, and barely made it thru a couple of the videos! BUT! I know they are there for me the minute I'm ready… and knowing that's where I'm going to be taking my business, gives me a platform to stand on, if only in my mind, right now!
    I hope I do utilise the investment (as it wasn't small) and any time I hear your voice, I know it's your teachings, that will take my business to the level I want it to be… which isn't huge, but successful in my state of Australia and successful in my field to the level I know I can!

    Keep being you! Amber

  4. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ I just Love your mindset", & shifting to this "knowledge Stacking" is quite impressive. "Knowledge is Power" Your Podcasts are always full of episodes of interesting topics, & what is working for you in your business now in 2021, & still being successful with your Online Affiliate Marketing… "Thank you for your time & dedication to sharing such "GREAT IDEAS"$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  5. Great advice! I have this same mentality about all of my prior "failed" attempts at online business. I know that the things that I've done and learned from those experiences are energizing and empowering my current journey with Partner With Anthony.

  6. 🌞I have always Believed that knowledge is power and everything I have learned in life somehow gets applied sooner or later πŸ˜†Thanks Anthony!πŸ˜‡πŸŒ»πŸ€

  7. enjoyed the broadcast. kids (and i was one once) may not know or understand what they are learning in school or how it will benefit them later. But, then, they and anyone for that matter doesn't know the future, or what you're learned will be helpful. For entrepreneurs, learning should and really needs to be focused. If you're going to be in affiliate marketing, learn what you need to know, then start and then you'll find other things you'll need to succeed and proceed. appreciate you're perspective. thanks for the inspiration.

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