[FSA Program] LIVE! With Logan From FICA Save

Last night on the SC we brought on a special guest to discuss your brand-new affiliate program…

(If you’re brand new, this is a completely FREE business we released that will allow you to make recurring commissions)

On the webinar we brought on Logan from Fica Save to explain everything you need to know about this program in detail…

… and he told you about some really exciting things we’ve got in the pipeline you don’t want to miss!

*** Don’t forget your affiliate registration system will be LIVE within the next 48 hours so make sure to check your email to get registered as soon as it’s ready ***

We’ll also be doing a contest this week where I’ll be giving away $2,500 next Thursday!


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  1. Hello Anthony, you sound better tonight which is a big improvement on last week. I was on the SC earlier but my phone is playing up and I like to come back to the replay as I can see you're impressions better. I just hope it's the real you that gets my msg. You are hard to get in touch with. And I'm talking about the woman you had problems with a while ago who also tried to scam me. I won't say anything more here but if you want more info give me a private way I can talk to you. Many thanks.

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