ACTION REQUIRED: Update Your Google Analytics to the New 4.0

Google JUST released a key update with several very important changes for your site, analytics and tracking.

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  1. Is it critical that you specify https (instead of just http) when setting up the stream? I messed this up and there's no way to go back! You can't delete it and it cautions you about just making a new one. It's reporting, but the data doesn't jive with my UA report.

  2. I'm not sure about the just "rip the bandaid" off advice here. The safest thing would be to just add the GA4 and keep the UA in place doing its thing. This way depending on you're personality and preferences you'll have the UA still. Cause who knows you might just like it better. Just my 2 cents.

  3. I am stuck! Can someone tell me how to do this part? I want it to track every page of my website. Where do I put it so it will track everything?

    "Copy and paste this code as the first item into the <head> of every webpage you want to measure."

  4. Hey What about the Stream ID or the Measurement ID that goes on the Acabado theme, What should I do there, I still have the UA XXXX or whatever code is… you didn´t mention that, because Acabado is still asking for them UA code? I'm confused


  5. Hey, where have you been guys? Did you abort the channels? Margin has not got a new article for more than 1 month and this channel has 1 article before 6 days…What is happening?

  6. Hi guys! Thanks you so much for the amazing videos. Planning in the near future to join your program. I've got a suggestion for a video in your channel that I can't seem to find. How do you avoid losing affiliate traffic? For example, ensuring that the traffic you get actually clicks your links and doesn't ends up just visiting and leaving, where do you suggest to place links? I've got a completely custom coded site I built called that is on the trading subject, extremely competitive yet with the very little time investment I could do at this current point I managed to get it running slowly and rank N1 on one of our articles (barely 10+ articles). Would really love to see a video on this subject! Cheers!

  7. Still trying to figure out how to adjust the Google Tag Manager as well, I moved to google analytics 4 but now I can't track my outbound affiliate clicks… anyone else struggling with this ?

  8. Does anyone know how to set a "thank you" page visite as a conversion in GA4? I can set the name of the conversion but am unable to define what should be considered a conversion. This was easy to do in the old GA..

  9. Nah, I don't really like the new one. It can only be integrated via the tag manager. (At least for me) Connecting via the old GA simply does not work. Otherwise, everything seems chaotic.

    I don't want to waste any more time to create a new dashboard in the app. I use the TG and have everything I need (outgoing links, scroll depth, YT, search console, etc.)

    In short: Sorry, but I see no improvement. What benefit is great data if it is not presented quick and easy?

  10. Anybody else use the method of forwarding the information from GA3 to GA4, but not have the results get pushed? I created a new GA4 account yesterday and choose "use existing on-page tag," but now it's 24 hours later and no info shows up with GA4. GA3 does show the data.

  11. Thanks, Jim & Ricky. I really enjoy your channel. Every video has 100% retention from me. I just installed GA4 on both of my sites. So thanks for the heads up. I would like to join project 24 but I'm waiting for a sale.
    The new course sounds really good. A lot of other courses neglect YouTube.

  12. When creating a new property in the "admin" section, my analytics don't have apps and web(Beta). Instead, I have three options: IOS, Android, WEB. 🙁
    EDITED: Ah, in my analytics, you need to go to your old existing property settings, and there is a new BUTTON "Upgrade to GA4" (google analytics 4)

  13. I don't know if I'm missing something, but I can't add the new code to my Youtube channel; it only seems to want to accept the old tracking ID. Is anyone else finding this? Is it a case of waiting for YT to update their end, or am I missing something?

  14. There is an option to upgrade to GA4 under the "Property" admin section, but although it seems they are planning on allowing the "old data" to copy over some time by asking you to link the GA3 to the new GA4 property, so far it indeed is "ripping the bandaid".
    To be able to link them, both "properties" must be in the same "account".

    We found 2 issues:

    1) It seems the new GA4 once linked hits page speed insights by 8-10 points (both on mobile and desktop) if you have both properties linked or 2-4 points if you only replace the tag for the new one, and

    2) You can't exclude IPs via filters, so for us as a marketing/web development firm, "polluting" data with our internal sessions on pages we're working on is a drawback.

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