The #1 Investing Mistake Of 2019

A survey was just conducted by NerdWallet going over the biggest regrets investors had in 2019 – these are those results, and how that could be prevented. Enjoy! Add me on Instagram: GPStephan

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#1 Regret: Wishing they had invested more money.
The ONLY solution to this horrible, horrible problem – is to IGNORE what all the expert financial analysts are saying, and just do one thing: Invest consistently, and hold long term. If the markets go up – great, you make money. If the markets go DOWN – great, you bought in at a lower price.

#2 Regret: Not investing aggressively enough
If you’re investing money that you’ll need within the next few years, most likely – you shouldn’t be investing in anything speculative, or risky. Second, if you INVEST money, and you find yourself PANICKING when it drops a few percent…chances are, you invested more than you should’ve, you didn’t research the investment as well as you could have, and you’ll either need to make SAFER investments in the future – or remind yourself that investing is very much like a yo-yo, and that price swings are a normal, every day part of investing.

#3 Regret: Wishing they had made MORE trades.
Unfortunately, this is another one that’s easy to point to – in hindsight – after you’ve already seen how the market performed. But, in reality – not trading enough is really only a reflection of what information you know – in the moment – and based on how well you understand that particular investment.

#4 Regret: Wishing they had invested more cautiously
To me, this is a strong indication that you should more reasonably adjust your expectations, and if you cannot cover potential loss – you shouldn’t be investing that much in speculative investments in the first place. Especially if the overall market is UP 30%…and your biggest regret was going too big…the way I see it, that’s not investing…that’s gambling.

And then…of course, we’ve got my favorite group…the 30% of investors who have no regrets. Because they understand the principles of long term investing, and they’re the people who smash the like button before the video even starts because they appreciate all the free content.

So when it comes to investing, especially in 2020…all that matters is consistency. It’s such basic advice, but it’s so true…time in the market always beats timing the market. Every single time, for the last 100 years…just buy and hold. Try not to trade too often. And don’t get emotional….and you’ll come out VERY very wealthy in the future.

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  1. UPDATE: I donated $5500 so far from the Ad Revenue on the Mr. Beast video towards Team Trees! Thanks so much everyone for watching without adblock so we can plant trees 😉

  2. I outperformed all investors in 2018 bc I was 17 and couldn't open a brokerage account and barely knew anything about the stock market


  3. After a succession of payments from Alec Payden, it is ok to say that the individual is legitimate, I have no doubt going ahead with him, he even turned down my gift token and asked me to to give it to charity saying, “God has given him all that he needs, use him as a vessel and help those one need.

  4. the best part about stephan's videos is the funniest & different way to smash the like button, just like everybody should be doing for my comment for the youtube algo.

  5. Graham: Good video, BUT, Martha Stewart was never convicted of doing anything illegal pertaining to stock trading. The FBI charges were dropped, so, why perpetuate a myth? A mea culpa is in order. At the trial, the FBI found she acted upon the advice of her Merrill Lynch financial advisor (who told Martha he was selling the same stock she held), which does NOT define insider trading. Needing to save face, the FBI turned this into a political hit job instead of admitting they were wrong, deciding to charge Martha for obstruction (sound familiar) and she ended up serving 5 months and "home confinement". Martha is a great chef, but, she wasn't "cooking the books".

  6. "That's what she said." Almost fell out of my chair at that point (replayed it to be sure I heard it correctly!). Wonderful video… and I made sure to hit the Like and Subscribe buttons! Thanks.

  7. I like your videos Graham, but if you ever read this, be careful with your wording in calling the 2008 “the biggest opportunity” since that “opportunity” came from people losing all they got.

  8. on etoro there are overnight fees even for x1 leverage on indexes 🙁
    Is it standard on every platform ? It kind of eats away at your profits to keep long term.
    Some platform recommendations for long term index investing for europeans ?

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