Lets go over (in my opinion) the worst bank accounts out there and the specifics that make them so unappealing – enjoy! Add me on Instagram: GPStephan

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DISCLAIMER: The views and opinions expressed herein are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the legitimacy of these companies. Many elements have been exaggerated for comedic effect. Do your own research and come to your own conclusion. This is not financial advice – for entertainment purposes only!

These are all banks that – in my opinion – have too many fees and pay very little in interest compared with other, online banks. Anytime I look for a bank to put my money, I pay close attention to any monthly maintenance fees, cost of sending or receiving wires, how to waive those fees, and the interest I’ll be paid from that account.

Generally, online banks have much less overhead and – because of that – they can pass those savings on to you by paying significantly more in interest. Many of those banks also don’t have as many fees as traditional banks do.

Number 5: Chase Bank
This is disappointing for me to mention, because the Chase Sapphire Reserve is one of my favorite Credit Cards, not to mention that Chase has several of the BEST credit cards currently on the market, all with REALLY good rewards. Chase Bank ALSO holds 2 of my mortgages, and they had INSANELY good interest rate at the time I applied…plus, their Chase Private Client services and perks are phenomenal when you deposit more than $250,000 with them…however, I have to say it…I have to call them out for this, because to me… their actual bank account is just…BAD.

Number 4: Bank of America
In their defense, hey’ve got a REALLY great credit card for people just starting out and building their credit, the Bank Of America Cash Rewards Card. They also have REALLY great mortgage rates…I refinanced one of my properties through them, and they were awesome. And their mobile app is REALLY easy to use, and the entire online interface is AWESOME. But, for me….the friendship ends there, and that’s where the line is drawn.

Number 3: Wells Fargo
Wells Fargo has been one of the only Bank Account I have EVER gone out of my way to cancel. Typically, it’s easy for me to keep $1500 in an account just to keep it open and maintain that relationship with the bank in the event I ever use them for a mortgage…but, nope, this was just SO bad that I couldn’t stand to keep it open.

Number 2: US Bank
Unfortunately, the number of fees – combined with how little they pay you in interest – makes this bank rather unappealing.

Number 1: CitiBank
This is the ONLY OTHER bank that I have gone OUT OF MY WAY TO CANCEL because it was just SO BAD. This is another one that I don’t like to mention…because their Double Cash rewards credit card is AWESOME…but the bank itself, from my experience, is a different story.

Some better options (Not paid to say this, not sponsored – just my opinion):
Ally Bank, no fees, no minimums – 1.7% interest
Marcus by Goldman Sachs – no fees, no minimums, 1.7% interest
CIT Bank, no fees, $1000 minimum, but pays 1.8%
PNC Bank – No fees, no minimums, 1.7% Interest

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  1. Well these are the major company banks, good luck if you get a low end bank with no fees because these banks have branches all over the country, why have a bank account if you can’t even have a minimal income to prevent these fees 💁🏻‍♂️

  2. Yes these banks are predatory and will not work with you.
    To other people I say do not do business with these institutions. I want out but I'm a slave to them. At all cost avoid them and do business with a small bank or credit union.

  3. All these accounts are bad if you don’t use it as your primary account. That’s why they are designed that way with their fee structure. If you have them as your primary bank for normal banking, you won’t see a fee.

  4. I live outside US. And i wonder what is the best option for me to open bank account for non us resident and can open through online with going to us physically and will generally allow you to open an account as a non-resident for both personal and business u

  5. Bank of America's tier system includes anything in the Merill Edge brokerage account too. So, if you have that much lying around in a brokerage account, it's a good system. Added bonus, you get extra rewards on your credit card too.

  6. This is a shock to hear. I've had the one checking account with BofA since I was a teenager. I didn't even know you could earn interest in your checking account.

    Thank you Graham for opening my eyes. Going to look into getting a better checking account.

  7. US bank personally called me to welcome me to the bank when I opened a small checking account. The banker even called me a few days later to help me set up online banking. Never had any other bank or credit union no matter the size has ever done that…

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  9. Tąi sao nhà Bank of America ho cü đóng cüå qùai vây, tôi không bíêt dùng ATM
    Tôi chî múông đi thăñg lâý tìên, tąi sao ho cü đóng cüå qùai, tôi múông đóng cüå nhà Bank of America, tôi phåi làm sao?????

  10. I'm 8n chex system,telacheck and early warning and have bad credit wells fargo was the only bank that would give me a checking account a and they wave the monthly fee if you use your debit card at least 12 times a month or maintain a $500 balance

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