Demolishing My House

Just started demo on my property – here is the current update and all the remodeling that’s just begun – enjoy! Add me on Instagram: GPStephan

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About Tenants: When it comes to stuff like this…I don’t claim to be an “Expert Landlord” by any means, I’ve certainly made my fair share of mistakes and I still have a LOT to learn. But, my philosophy is that being a landlord is VERY MUCH a people business, whether you like it or not. It’s just as much about CUSTOMER SERVICE as it is about picking a worthwhile investment that’ll make you your money back – and it’s all about finding the right combination so that you have a happy tenant, AND you get paid on time every month to make a profit.

Part of that has to do with screening your tenant REALLY, REALLY well BEFORE they move in, to prevent any disastrous situations from happening in the first place…but, once they move in…in a way, they become your CUSTOMER. And the longer that person becomes your customer, the better it will be for everyone involved. Tenants don’t usually like moving around, and landlords don’t like having to fill vacancies…so, I try to go out of my way to make sure the tenant is as happy as possible, and wants to stay as long as they like. Even if that means I’ll lose a little money every now and then, in the LONG TERM – I know I’ll make it back, plus WAY MORE.

There’s also few windows that will HAVE to be replaced because they’re beyond repairing. HOWEVER…once I replace a few, I starting thinking to myself…well, I may as well replace THEM ALL NOW, so they match.

On the one hand, I won’t really get more money in rent for having all new windows…and replacing everything will cost me an extra $9000 for materials and installation HOWEVER…if I DID change them out, having new windows be one less thing to replace in the future. AND…if I’m going to replace them, NOW is the time to do it…not to mention, they might be appreciated by the tenant who moves in next.

But, is it really worth the cost to replace windows that are perfectly functional…but just a little old?

Although, I gotta say…overall…this process has been going really smoothly. The demo of this unit should hopefully be done by the time this video is posted, and then they can begin re-building it up and getting it back to looking as good as new…because…well…it will be new.

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  1. unless the windows are pretty much falling apart…. not all of them but most of them…. I've read several articles and have people who've done it to their own homes tell me…… it isn't worth it. But if most of your windows look like that one that clearly needed replacing – yeah…. I'd replace them all then. I can't speak for everyone, obviously, but when I'm buying a house (so far…. only two experiences…. and both times was the house for me to live in) I honestly don't seek out the latest and greatest "green" window technology. When I walk through I just make sure to check and verify there's no apparent water damage on the walls near the window (like bubbled drywall or clearly visible water stains that have been attempted to be covered up by paint) and make sure there's no sign of mold or anything like that. If they are windows from the 80s… 70s….. or friggin 40s I really don't care they're not "energy efficient" because IMO windows can only be so energy efficient. Yes double pane and the latest and greatest window sealant technology built into the window will make them better….. but marginally. If you're a nerd like me and or happened to fall into a career you never thought you'd wind up in you might know how thermodynamics work. and glass…. sucks. Even if you have multi paned windows…. I assume they're still clear glass and heat and therefore energy will still pass through regardless of how much gas, likely argon, they put between the panes. Heat in the form of radiant energy will still seep through in the summer from outside to inside and vice versa when you're heating the inside of your home. And just to verify my knowledge in this topic I just googled it and confirmed that if you replace ooooold single pane windows with double or triple pane windows the energy savings per year per the USDE (US Department if Energy) is only about $120-480….. 10-40 bucks a month. Keep in mind the quote Graham mentioned in how much replacing ALL the windows will cost… he said 9k…. I'm thinking more like 10k. That means even if you're saving 40 bucks a month on your electric and gas bill combined it'll take you…… 250 months to recoup the cost of replacing all your super old, single pane windows with three most energy efficient ones you can find. Or in other words….. 20+ YEARS!! If you just have "ugly" windows from as early as the 70s they might be double paned. According to the USDE while newer windows will save you some money by replacing the older double paned windows from the 90s, 80s, 70s, and even 60s (double paned or glazed windows have been around for a long time) the energy savings per year is only like $27-111/ year…… $2-10/ month. You do the math on how long it'll take you to recoup the cost of replacing all those windows (hint…. you'll be dead….. 83-416 years, Haha…. 1000-5000 months).

  2. Well, it’s way too late but I don’t like closest off bathroom without another entrance to closest. Someone can be in bathroom and then you can’t get to closest. Very not effective if two people are working or getting ready at same time to go out.

  3. Yeah it looked really weird. Also looks like your head is twice the size of your body. But anybody that thought it’s a green screen which I did for a half a second it’s kind of stupid. Your shadows interact with the room.

  4. I laugh everytime you prove that its not a green screen but for some reason. Maybe its the angle and lighting. It still feels like green screen😂 Btw I'd replace the windows.

  5. Waaaaaay late but I hope you took insulation into consideration. Though you don't pay their utilities, their gas bill can be overwhelming if their windows are not efficient. Just my take.

  6. JEEZ. I wish you could be my landlord. I feel like I'm nickled and dimed every year despite taking care of the unit. Even though I live in LA and work as a first responder I don't think I could afford you.

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