FTC Breaking Up FaceBook (Instagram & WhatsApp)

The FTC is trying to break up FaceBook entities such as Instagram and Whatsapp.

Here is the article: https://www.ftc.gov/news-events/press-releases/2020/12/ftc-sues-facebook-illegal-monopolization

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  1. This actually comes from China. They want to separate FB and destroy global competition… Facebook wanted to integrate their digital stable coin with whatsapp and potential FB and this was going to be very powerful against WeChat and the other China globalists.

  2. Someone may say that this video does not have any actionable piece but Dan do not listen to them this knowledge is gold as it opens the possibility of new competitor's or maybe leniency and priority from Facebook to people like us (small advertiser's) because now they are under FTC's scrutiny and also thinking about the potential competition from open market (because now they are not in a position of buying a new competition again) that's why open market are good . Love to hear your elaborate point of view on the cross platform advertising under Facebook umbrella (maybe a short youtube stories or IG reels can do the job)

  3. Great Video Dan!! I really hope FB breaks up, this way, we as small entrepreneurs will have more options to advertise, without worrying that Facebook bans our ad account out of nowhere

  4. These big social companies are s threat to humanity. They use AI to control and censor information. That's dangerous.

    For example the YouTube trending section doesn't accurately reflect the most popular content or creators.

    Most people don't know this, and think the trending section accurately portrays the energy of real users.

    In fact, it is being modified to hide creators who YouTube doesn't seem acceptable.

    YouTube is playing God by manipulating people's perception of reality.

  5. That’s crazy, basically when any big news like this such as elections, or negative publicity in general it’s time to pull back on running ads on their platform.

    Good analysis you’re a natural at creating this type of content!

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