Copy the 5 Winning Strategies Behind My 238% Traffic Growth in 2019

Copy the Winning Strategies Behind My 238% Traffic Growth in 2019 | In 2019, I’ve more than doubled my traffic to compared to 2018. It wasn’t a complicated strategy that got me here, but it was five simple strategies, and relentless executing that helped me get the results. And today, I’m going to break them down for you. Today I’m going to break down the winning strategies behind my 238% traffic growth in 2019.

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So, the first strategy I have for you, pillar pages and content clusters.

Look, the old way people used to just create 10, 20, 30, 40 articles on the same topic over and over again. And when you have 50 different articles on your site on SEO or dog food, or whatever the topic it is, it confuses them, and be like wait, which one should we rank?

They’re all competing for the same terms. They’re all linked to each other. They all have backlinks. Instead, you want to use pillar pages and content clusters. Here’s what I mean by this.

Go check out The Beginner’s Guide to SEO by Moz. This guide has a main introduction to SEO, and then it breaks down all the subsections of SEO, and then they link to it. And those subsections link back up to that main topic on SEO. And can you guess who ranks number one for the term SEO on Google? At least in the United States, it’s Moz.

That’s how effective that strategy is. And then you’re probably thinking, hey Neil, but these content things change over time. What should I do?

Well, that gets me into strategy number two.

I currently only write four blog posts a month. Sometimes five if there are five weeks in a month. And yes, it’s me writing that content. But you know what? I have a team of three people that update 90 articles a month in total. So, I am writing four to five articles a month, my team is updating 90 articles a month. Updating old content is providing me more traffic gains than writing new content.

And, when you have content, let’s say on SEO or whatever it may be, you can have your team continually update it. If you do that, and you spend more time doing that, it will help you generate more traffic. This was one of my biggest gains.

The third strategy I have for you? Land and expand.

When you throw content out there, naturally some do better than others. Take the pieces of content that do really well, take those pieces of content, look at Google Search Console. In Google Search Console, you’ll see all the keywords that drive traffic to that page.

Now, I want you to then take those keywords, and see which ones are related to your article. And then what I want you to do is expand your content, and make sure that you’re including all of those keywords within the content, where it makes sense. If it doesn’t make sense, don’t stuff them in.

If it makes sense, add a few more paragraphs with some of these new words, because it makes your article more thorough and provides more value to the user, go and do that.

In addition to that, now that you have these keywords, go to Ubersuggest, type them in, and go look at the keyword ideas report. It will show all the other related keywords.

Some of these keywords you should also be included in your article if it makes sense to expand your article into these areas. If it doesn’t, don’t do it. But if it’s beneficial to the user, and I can’t emphasize user first, because you need to put them first, go and do it.

Now the fourth strategy I have for you, going international, a.k.a. international expansion.

You look at, I’m crushing most of my competitors when it comes to traffic.

But you know what I did? Years ago, I was talking to one of my friends who works at Google, and she gave me this really good piece of advice. She’s like Neil, the majority of the people who use Google don’t search in English. They don’t speak English.

The fifth strategy, build an amazing popular tool on your website.

Now you’re probably wondering, Neil, I can’t afford to do what you do with Ubersuggest. But what you can afford to do, I don’t care what country you’re in, everyone can afford this, you go to CodeCanyon. You can find tools for like, $10, pop it on your site, put your name on it, which you’re allowed to do though CodeCanyon, and you can get traffic from a tool.

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  1. Total non-tech person here. Anyone know how to "pop a tool from code canyon" on your website or as Neil responded to someone on this thread "install script for tools to add to your site.?" I'd like to buy an app from code canyon and provide it for free in exchange for email as a way to build traffic. Any videos or instructions on how exactly to do this? Thanks.

  2. Thanks Neil. Great stuff. I'd like to launch a new website for a real estate coaching business as well as recruiting real estate agents to my brokerage. What website platform(s) would you recommend? Thank you in advance.

  3. Hi Neil, quick question, I noticed most of my emails to my list go to spam or promotions folders, I'm using mailchimp, my domain is in cheapdomain and my host in hostgator, do you recommend using only one provider for everything for a better results? I heard your domain company has to do a lot with poor email delivery rate, what do you think? Thanks!

  4. For extra traffic, you can't forget about the importance of backlinks in SEO. The beginner-friendly option is to follow the step-by-step guides of the RankdSEO backlink database.

  5. I didn't get the point go for international languages, that means you are creating separate content for those languages or just translate the whole website into other languages, kindly answer it and tell plugin which one you use, thanks

  6. Hi Neil, I think I have a good idea for you, why don’t you translate into Arabic as well? I am here to help in that as it’s my native language and one of your students that everyday watching your videos. Thanks!

  7. can you please more elaborate that how we can update our content cz we dont know from which portion of our post google ranked the Kws?? so if we update from the middle or from the start of our post so it is also possible that our Kws position goes down?? So please explain more about the content updation

  8. Thank you Neil. I wanted to make an industry search engine that would eliminate commercial sites and sites with affiliate links as a tool not sure if it's possible. Looked into elastic search a bit…

    Then make a search engine/conversational chatbot kinda like that spits out long form answers instead of a link.

    Any ideas where to start?

    The translation… I was wondering if you create a duplicate page or something else? I'll look into it thanks.

  9. Hi Neil,
    Great stuff, really helped! I'm a big follower from Nigeria😀
    Just a question, when you talked about going international, do you mean creating a new website, writing contents in these languages or just simply adding a translator.
    Love you man.

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