MY FIRST YOUTUBE PAYCHECK HOW MUCH I MADE | Income From 3k subscribers & How Adsense revenue works

MY FIRST YOUTUBE PAYCHECK HOW MUCH I MADE. My income from 3,000 youtube subscribers and how google adsense works!!
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hey everyone I’m super excited talk about my first YouTube paycheck. I have been wanting to create this video on how much you to pay me since I was due to monetize and December 2018. I told you guys I was going to create this video once I got my first paycheck and I finally created it. I’m going to talk about how Google AdSense works and how you can get that money straight to your bank account. I’m also going to talk about how much you to pay me as a small YouTube channel with only three thousand subscribers. I also want to go over how much you can make per video and how much YouTubers make for their content. What’s crazy is some YouTube videos may have a million views and have very low CPM whereas my videos have low views but have a high CPM so I actually make more money than some of the bigger YouTubers online.

I want to dive deep into my YouTube analytics and to show you how YouTube ad Revenue works and how you can start getting YouTube monetized right away. Also I want to talk about how you can make money before you’re even YouTube monetized and how I was making $10,000 per month with YouTube before I was monetized.

I go into extreme detail in my YouTube analytics on YouTube monetization, ad revenue and I also show you Google AdSense as well. I show you how the payment threshold the work with Google AdSense and and any questions or concerns about being YouTube monetized. This video was inspired by the content bug because she was YouTube monetized and she has been documenting her journey so I wanted to do the same and document my journey as well. How’s the wine shuttle my mentors Kevin David, Josue Pena and Dan dasilva and many others who have helped me get to this point in my YouTube career. My first youtube paycheck is the start of my online business and im so happy that I was able to make this happen! You are going to find out exactly how much i made with my first youtube paycheck.


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MY FIRST YOUTUBE PAYCHECK HOW MUCH I MADE | Income From 3k subscribers & How Adsense revenue works

Watch Replay Here:
Watch Replay Here:

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  1. Yooo congratulations on getting paid out brotha! 🙌🏽. Nice! Getting that LLC for the business in! Man appreciate the breakdown so much brotha. I’m pumped to see what’s possible and love the in-depth review. $49 cpm. And $100cpm 🤯. Wow that’s awesome

  2. Watched Shelby Church she explains the whole YouTube CPM. She’s so informative and very transparent. Jeffree Star’s CPM was $829 in a couple of his videos which got 11 million views. Imagine his check 🤯.

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