How much YouTube paid me in 2020 for three channels and over 4M subscribers

I’m excited to share with you all how much I made from YouTube with three channels and over 4 million subscribers in 2020.
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Time codes:
0:00 I have three channels
0:49 Why I started a YouTube channel in the first place
2:19 I started my second channel in 2016
2:29 Why on earth did I start a third channel?
3:35 How you can make money on YouTube
4:50 How long does it take to start monetizing your channel?
6:34 Let’s look into my stats on the Marina Mogilko channel
9:22 Let’s look into my stats on the LinguaMarina channel
11:48 Let’s look into my stats on the Silicon Valley Girl channel
13:22 How much did I make from Google AdSense in total in 2020?

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  1. Hello there! Not sure how it's possible to not have discovered this channel for so long but out of the dark ages into the light for sure! Question regarding the making of a YT channel/bussiness. How do you decide in what language you do it? I'm native Dutch speaking and the audience reach is way smaller if I would do it in Dutch, however in English there is more competition … Choices, choices… :/

  2. Marina, with income like that it is better to move to another state where percentage of tax is lower, and then, since you insist on doing channel "Silicon Valley" to come to your favorite place weekly or even monthly and get all your necessary presentations in one swoop. It would, most likely, save you a big chunk of money for a future purchase of house either in California (from each every single smart soul moved long time ago) or elsewhere, even Russia. Your taxes could be as high as $54,000, and it is, perhaps, not a little, seeing how much effort you have to put in development your channels. The other consideration should be the amount of money you willing to throw away on renting the house at the area you consider upscale. If your goal is to enjoy your life here and now, then, of course, it is great idea to basically throw$ 7,000 of rent in the wind… But if you start to think that life is not over yet, then more strategic approach is needed. You probably need to decide for yourself where and how you eventually want to live in a style that would reflect reality. Perhaps a thought that one should live according to his income, should cross your mind more often. I think practical people of not your environment, perhaps little bit more knowledgeable, can direct you step by step toward your more stable and realistic future. I wish you good luck!

  3. As I have commented before, Marina, thank you for being honest on the topic. Because it doesn't matter the numbers, it matters to inspire others if they are wondering whether to start with YouTube or no. It's a really hard work, no surprise, but showing the numbers in terms of success, it means that it's all possible!
    Thank you! Your content is amongst the most valuable ones for me. ❤️

  4. I love Marina, she is always smilling and happy. She helps me with my anxiety just watching her videos, makes me feel better and I appreciate her honesty. She is just so admirable. Marina if you see this I admire work and you are my role-model 😀

  5. this video was REALLY like REALLY helpful
    can you make a video on cryptocurrency? like how it works? where to invest? its history and its worth

  6. I also think about creating a channel to share what intersts me and what i love to talk about as well as to notice myself how great tools i have and every human beings can do that with getting educated on differnt topics and focus on getting knowledge and share it to shed light on the world.

  7. Congrats Marina!! I've been following your channels since 2016, they helped me a lot to improve my English skills! And your videos has been improving more and more! Thank you so much!

  8. Thanks for sharing, I have think a lot of times to move from making videos on Spanish to English because of what you share, but I´m not in the states. You would recommend anyway to switch?

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