Monetized in Just 7 Months (From 0 Subs) | How I got MY FIRST "FULL" YOUTUBE PAYCHECK 2020

MY FIRST “FULL” YOUTUBE PAYCHECK 2020 – How I got Monetized In Just 7 Months starting From 0 Subscribers
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In this video I’m going to be talking about my first YouTube paycheck. This is my full YouTube paycheck that I have ever received. I had done a video about my first YouTube paycheck for December when I was first monetized but that was only for half a month. This video is going to talk about my full month in January 2020 about my complete YouTube paycheck. I hope this video inspires smaller YouTubers to get monetized in 2020. Most people think that it’s still impossible to get monetized because the algorithm has gotten harder and favors the bigger channels. I don’t believe that’s true, I believe if you know how to properly grow your channel and Rank 4 videos then it’s totally possible to grow with YouTube.

You see channels like Victor Paredes and the content bug growing their channels extremely fast in 2020. So it’s completely possible to get YouTube monetized and to grow your Channel for smaller YouTubers. I’m excited to talk to you about my first YouTube paycheck and how I actually get paid from Google AdSense and how to get you to monetize in 2020. I walk through the complete process of getting monetized, you need 1000 YouTube subscribers and 4000 public watch hours to get monetized and I show you how I get that. YouTube growth is extremely slow in the beginning but if you are consistent you will grow as long as you are putting good content and always improving and YouTube.

In this video I’m going to show you how to start affiliate marketing on YouTube in 2020. YouTube is my favorite place to drive traffic to any affiliate offers because you can really connect with your audience. YouTube is also Evergreen meaning the traffic will be there forever unlike Facebook or Instagram where it will disappear after 48 hours. I have been able to make at least $10,000 per month before I even hit 1,000 subscribers and that because I knew how to monetize my YouTube channel properly. You’re looking to start affiliate marketing and work from home, YouTube is the best platform to get started to start promoting any products that you want.


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Monetized in Just 7 Months (From 0 Subs) | MY FIRST “FULL” YOUTUBE PAYCHECK 2020

Watch Replay Here:
Watch Replay Here:

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  1. Another great video! You sounded great with your new mic. Oh, and my goal is Youtube Monetized on this channel or one of my other channels with one of the strategies you shared on an older video.

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